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Title:Essential Self-Defense: A Play
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Adam Rapp
Publisher:Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:128
Category:Plays, Drama, Theatre

Essential Self-Defense: A Play by Adam Rapp

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Essential Self-Defense: A Play In i Essential Self Defense i disgruntled misfit Yul Carroll takes a job as an attack dummy in a women s self defense class and finds himself mysteriously drawn to Sadie the repressed bookworm mercilessly honing her skills on him Meanwhile all s not well on the unassuming Midwestern streets of Bloggs with local children vanishing at an alarming rate our hero his lady friend and a motley assortment of poets butchers and punk librarians prepare to battle the darkness on the edge of town


b An award winning writer and playwright hits the open road for a searing novel in letters about a street kid on a highstakes trek across America b br br For a runaway boy who goes by the name Punkzilla kicking a meth habit and a life of petty crime in Portland Oregon is a prelude to a mission reconnecting with his older brother a gay man dying of cancer in Memphis Against a backdrop of seedy motels dicey bus stations and hitched rides the desperate fourteen year old meets a colorful sometimes dangerous cast of characters And in letters to his sibling he catalogs them all from an abusive stranger and a ghostly girl to a kind transsexual and an old woman with an oozing eye The language is raw and revealing crackling with visceral details and dark humor yet with each interstate exit Punkzilla s journey grows more urgent will he make it to Tennessee in time This daring novel offers a narrative worthy of Kerouac and a keen insight into the power of chance encounters

33 Snowfish

b Adam Rapp s brilliant and haunting story will break your heart But then his words will mend it Absolutely unforgettable Michael Cart b br br On the run in a stolen car with a kidnapped baby in tow Custis Curl and Boobie are three young people with deeply troubled pasts and bleak futures As they struggle to find a new life for themselves it becomes painfully clear that none of them will ever be able to leave the past behind Yet for one redemption is waiting in the unlikeliest of places br br With the raw language of the street and lyrical stream of consciousness prose Adam Rapp hurtles the reader into a world of lost children a world that is not for the faint of heart Gripping disturbing and starkly illuminating his hypnotic narration captures the voices of two damaged souls a third speaks only through drawings to tell a story of alienation deprivation and ultimately the saving power of compassion

Know Your Beholder

b From a Pulitzer Prize finalist comes a hilarious and heartbreaking novel about a musician climbing back from rock bottom b br br As winter deepens in Pollard Illinois something Francis Falbo is holed up in an attic apartment recovering from a series of traumas his mother s death his beloved wife s desertion and his once ascendant rock band s irreconcilable break up He hasn t changed out of his bathrobe the uniform of a Life in Default for nine days All he has left is his childhood home whose remaining rooms he rents to a cast of eccentric tenants becoming increasingly entangled in their lives with results that are by turns disastrous hysterical and ultimately healing br br KNOW YOUR BEHOLDER is an uproarious and affecting novel about what we do when our lives have crumbled around us and we must collect the jagged pieces and begin anew Seldom have our foibles and our efforts to persevere in spite of them been laid bare with such heart and hope

Under the Wolf, Under the Dog

Steve Nugent is in Burnstone Grove a facility for kids who are either addicts or have tried to commit suicide But Steve doesn t fit in either group and he used to go to the gifted school So why is he in Burnstone Grove Keeping a journal Steve tries to figure out who he is by examining who he was

Red Light Winter

It s totally familiar but dreamlike at the same time observes one American of Amsterdam s notorious Red Light District in the stunning new work from Adam Rapp Escaping their lives in Manhattan former college buddies Matt and Davis take off to the Netherlands and find themselves thrown into a bizarre love triangle with a beautiful young prostitute named Christina But the romance they find in Europe is eventually overshadowed by the truth they discover at home Written with an unflinching poetic beauty i Red Light Winter i is a play of sexual intrigue that explores the myriad and misguided ways we seek to fill the empty spaces inside us br

The Year of Endless Sorrows

New York City the early s the recession is in full swing and young people are squatting in abandoned buildings in the East Village while the homeless riot in Tompkins Square Park The Internet is not part of daily life the term dot com has yet to be coined and people s financial bubbles are burst for an entirely different set of reasons What can all this mean for a young Midwestern man flush with promise toiling at a thankless poverty wage job in corporate America and hard at work on his first novel about acute knee pain and the end of the world br br With i The Year of Endless Sorrows i acclaimed playwright and finalist for the William Saroyan International Prize for Writing Adam Rapp brings readers a hilarious picaresque reminiscent of Nick Hornby Douglas Copeland and Rick Moody at their best a chronicle of the joys of love the horrors of sex the burden of roommates and the rude discovery that despite your best efforts life may not unfold as you had once planned

The Children and the Wolves

Printz Honor winning author Adam Rapp spins a raw gripping and ultimately redemptive story about three disaffected teens and a kidnapped child br br Three teenagers a sharp well to do girl named Bounce and two struggling boys named Wiggins and Orange are holding a four yearold girl hostage in Orange s basement The little girl answers to the Frog and seems content to play a video game about wolves all day long a game that parallels the reality around her As the stakes grow higher and the guilt and tension mount Wiggins cracks and finally brings Frog to a trusted adult Not for the faint of heart Adam Rapp s powerful mesmerizing narrative ventures deep into psychological territory that few dare to visit

Ball Peen Hammer

No description available

Decelerate Blue

The future waits for no one br br In this new world speed and efficiency are everything and the populace zooms along in a perpetually stimulated haze Angela thinks she s the only person in her family maybe the only person on the planet who sees anything wrong with this picture But the truth is she s not alone br br Angela finds herself recruited into a resistance movement where the key to rebellion is taking things slow In their secret underground hideout they create a life unplugged from the rapid fire culture outside Can they free the rest of the world before the powers that be shut down their utopian experiment br br From revolutionary and award winning playwright Adam Rapp and veteran cartoonist and animator Mike Cavallaro comes a dark breath taking new vision of an all too plausible future for America

Nocturne: A Play

i Fifteen years ago I killed my sister i br br So begins Adam Rapp s highly acclaimed play i Nocturne i in which a year old former piano prodigy recounts the tragic events that tore his family apart br br With a keen eye for human relationships and a deft ear for language Rapp explores the aftershock of this unimaginable event The father is so incapable of forgiveness he puts a gun in his son s mouth the mother so shattered she deserts the family and eventually takes leave of her sanity altogether the son only years old at the time sets out for New York City There he seeks an uneasy refuge in books and reinvents himself as a writer Across the decade and a half that follows he tries to cope with the ramifications of his own anguish and estrangement while making a desperate search for redemption br A devastating elegant and gripping dissection of the American dream i Nocturne i signals a brave new voice in American theater

The Year of Endless Sorrows, Ball Peen Hammer, Nocturne: A Play, Under the Wolf, Under the Dog, 33 Snowfish, The Children and the Wolves, Red Light Winter, Decelerate Blue, Know Your Beholder, Punkzilla