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Title:Child of the Morning
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Pauline Gedge, Michelle Moran
Publisher:Chicago Review Press
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Number of Pages:416
Category:Historical fiction, Egypt, Historical, Fiction, Romance

Child of the Morning by Pauline Gedge, Michelle Moran

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Child of the Morning Thirty five centuries ago the sun had a daughter Hatshepsut Youngest daughter of the Pharaoh she was a lithe and magical child But when her older sister died it became her duty to purify the dynasty s bloodline She was to wed Thothmes her father s illegitimate son who was heir to the throne But fearing his son s incompetence Hatshepsut s father came to her with startling news She was to be Pharaoh ruler of the greatest empire the world had ever known provided of course that the unprecedented ascension by a woman did not inspire the priests to treason or instill in her half brother and future consort sufficient hatred to have her put to death .

This is the premise for i Child of the Morning i based closely on the historical facts Hatshepsut assumed the throne at the age of fifteen and ruled brilliantly for more than two decades Her achievements were immortalized on the walls of her magnificent temple at Deir el Bahri built by her architect and lover Senmut .

Sensuous and evocative i Child of the Morning i is the story of one of history s most remarkable women

Child of the Morning

p She ruled Egpyt not as Queen but as Pharaoh centuries ago Yet her name Hatshepsut does not appear in dynastic scrolls nor is her reign celebrated on monuments This is the story of the young woman who assumed the throne of Egypt mastered the arts of war and government lived her life by her own design and ruled an empire the only woman Pharaoh in history p

The Eagle and the Raven

Spanning three generations this historical novel tells the tale of Boudicca the most famous warrior of ancient Britain and Caradoc the son of a Celtic king who sets out to unite the people of the Raven and lead them against Rome Caradoc s objective is not easily accomplished as the Roman army advances into Britain raping Celtic women and burning villages to the ground His efforts are also met with fierce opposition from Aricia the vain queen of a northern tribe who swears allegiance to the Romans after Caradoc slights her and from Gladys Caradoc s warrior sister who falls in love with her Roman captor Unfortunately Caradoc s endeavors are left unresolved when he is taken prisoner but Boudicca a strong willed woman ultimately takes up the cause that was Caradoc s legacy

The Hippopotamus Marsh (Lords of the Two Lands, #1)

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Lady of the Reeds (Lady of the Reeds, #1)

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House of Illusions (Lady of the Reeds, #2)

p Pauline Gedge is a master at recreating the golden age in Egypt Her heroine Thu a peasant girl from the village of Aswat possesses both beauty and intelligence To her good fortune Thu is found and brought to the center of society She is chosen and trained for the court of Pharaoh Ramses Her talent and guile win her a post in the harem p p Thu rises in favor is betrayed in a court intrigue that threatens her life and falls from grace Pharaoh spares her life but banishes her to serve the priests at the lowly temple of Wepwawet near the first cataract p p House of Illusions opens on Gedge s vividly recreated Egypt sixteen years after Thu s banishment During her exile she writes an account of her court life and the betrayal for which she seeks revenge p

The Twelfth Transforming

No period in Egyptian history has been the source of so much fascination as the reign of Akhenaten the XVIII Dynasty pharaoh whose impetuous government took his country to the brink of disaster In i The Twelfth Transforming i Pauline Gedge tells the rich and dramatic story of Akhenaten s catastrophic rule and of the Empress Tiye whose efforts to save her beloved country from her pharaoh son unwittingly bring a curse upon the land In scene after scene ancient Egypt comes vividly to life the splendour of the imperial courts the unrelenting heat of the desert the misery wrought upon the land when the life giving Nile fails in its annual inundation i The Twelfth Transforming i is historical fiction at its finest an epic of a ruler a dynasty and a people confronting their glorious and tragic destiny

The Oasis (Lords of the Two Lands, #2)

After his father s death Kamose assumes command of the rebellion of the native princes against their overlords He makes a perilous sweep up the river Nile toward the delta strongholds of the Hyksos The costs are heavy in terms of men slain and villages destroyed The long domination of alien men and their gods has been effectively challenged but Kamose cannot lead the Egyptians to glory

The Twice Born (The King's Man #1)

Young Huy s family is thrilled when his uncle offers to pay for the boy to attend a prestigious school at Iunu Thanks to his generous benefactor this farmer s son will now have a chance at a better life as a scribe But once away at school Huy is unprepared for the jealousy his easy success stirs in fellow pupils and he becomes the victim of a vicious attack that leaves him dead or so it would seem br br His inexplicable return to life makes Huy a pariah ostracizes him because of his visions of the deaths of those around him But priests believe his powers could be the key to interpreting the Book of Thoth and Huy s newfound fame attracts the attention of Pharaoh Amunhotep It s only then that Huy begins to realize his power is not granted to him but owns him for he is no longer his own master He is the King s Man

The Horus Road (Lords of the Two Lands, #3)

In the last volume of the trilogy the youngest son of Sequenenra Tao assumes command of the natives armies to avenge the deaths of his father and bother and bring about the downfall of the foreign rulers the Hyksos whose alien dynasty has ruled Egypt for two hundred years br

Scroll of Saqqara

Prince Khaemwaset is a powerful man The son of Ramses II and a revered physician his wisdom is respected throughout Egypt But Khaemwaset harbours a strong and secret desire to find the mysterious Scroll of Thoth and receive the power to raise the dead When Khaemwaset hears of the discovery of a hidden tomb on the plain of Saqqara he is quick to break its seal and take its secrets secrets that he soon learns he should never have disturbed br br Richly detailed with the exotic realities of Ancient Egypt i Scroll of Saqqara i is a compelling tale of power lust and obsession

The Horus Road (Lords of the Two Lands, #3), Scroll of Saqqara, Child of the Morning, The Oasis (Lords of the Two Lands, #2), House of Illusions (Lady of the Reeds, #2), The Twice Born (The King's Man #1), The Hippopotamus Marsh (Lords of the Two Lands, #1), The Twelfth Transforming, The Eagle and the Raven, Lady of the Reeds (Lady of the Reeds, #1)