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Title:The Year of Miss Agnes (Aladdin Historical Fiction)
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Author:Kirkpatrick Hill
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Category:Historical fiction, Fiction, Childrens, School

The Year of Miss Agnes (Aladdin Historical Fiction) by Kirkpatrick Hill

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC The Year of Miss Agnes (Aladdin Historical Fiction) For use in schools and libraries only Ten year old Fred short for Frederika narrates the story of school and village life among the Athapascans in Alaska during when Miss Agnes arrived as the new teache

The Year of Miss Agnes

For use in schools and libraries only Ten year old Fred short for Frederika narrates the story of school and village life among the Athapascans in Alaska during when Miss Agnes arrived as the new teacher

Bo at Ballard Creek

It s the s and Bo was headed for an Alaska orphanage when she won the hearts of two tough gold miners who set out to raise her enthusiastically helped by all the kind people of the nearby Eskimo village br br Bo learns Eskimo along with English helps in the cookshack learns to polka and rides along with Big Annie and her dog team There s always some kind of excitement Bo sees her first airplane has a run in with a bear and meets a mysterious lost little boy br br Here is an unforgettable story of a little girl growing up in the exhilarating time after the big Alaska gold rushes br br br

Minuk: Ashes in the Pathway

Twelve year old Minuk is intrigued by the Hoffs the American missionary family that has moved into her village Although she has seen white men before Minuk has never seen a white woman or a white child It soon becomes clear that although the Hoffs can speak the Yup ik language they don t understand Yup ik ways When Mr Hoff begins interfering with village ceremonies even Minuk wonders why the missionary is so sure i his i ways are better than Yup ik ways

Do Not Pass Go

Deet s world turns upside down when his father is arrested for drug use It doesn t seem possible that kind caring Dad could be a criminal After all he only took the pills to stay awake so he could work two jobs Now what will happen How will Deet be able to face his classmates Where will they get money And most importantly will Dad be okay in prison br br Hurt angry and ashamed Deet doesn t want to visit his father in jail But when Mom goes back to work Deet starts visiting Dad after school It s frightening at first but as he adjusts to the routine Deet begins to see the prisoners as people with stories of their own just like his dad Deet soon realizes that prison isn t the terrifying place of movies and nightmares In fact Dad s imprisonment leads Deet to make a few surprising discoveries about his father his friends and himself br br With moving realism Kirkpatrick Hill brings to light the tumultuous experience of having a parent in jail in this honest and stirring story of a young man forced to grow up quickly

Bo at Iditarod Creek

Ever since five year old Bo can remember she and her papas have lived in the little Alaskan mining town of Ballard Creek Now the family must move upriver to Iditarod Creek for work at a new mine and Bo is losing the only home she s ever known Initially homesick she soon realizes that there is warmth and friendship to be found everywhere and what s more her new town may hold an unexpected addition to her already unconventional family

Winter Camp

Eleven year old Toughboy and his younger sister must survive the harsh Alaskan winter at a friend s winter trapping camp Sequel to Toughboy and Sister

Toughboy and Sister

They ve never faced danger before Now they re alone and they have no choice br Every summer Toughboy and his younger sister stay at their isolated family fish camp on the Yukon River There away from their Alaskan village they help their parents catch and smoke salmon But that was before their mother died and everything changed This year their father brings them back to the camp but before he can set things up he vanishes No one knows that Toughboy and Sister have been left alone in the wilderness to fend for themselves Days and then weeks pass Their food runs out and their radio stops working What are they going to do now br This quiet simply told story speaks in a distinctive voice about stoic courage dignity and survival i The Horn Review br i br Sure to satisfy survival story fans i Kirkus Reviews i

Dancing at the Odinochka

Nearly years ago when Alaska belonged to Russia and was called Russian America Erinia Pavaloff lived at the Nulato odinochka on the banks of the Yukon River Owned by the Russian American Company an odinochka was a trading post where native people traded their furs for precious Russian supplies Erinia is always busy learning to make fur clothing emptying buckets of snow into water barrels helping Mamma gathering spruce boughs to make fish traps and grinding paint for a new canoe It seems that Erinia works all the time So she can hardly wait for visitors the company men who bring stock for trading or the Indians who come to fish or sell furs When visitors come Erinia and the others are delighted to listen to old stories and music and everyone dances at the odinochka br br Life has a good sameness that Erinia counts on until the day when American Western Union Telegraph men arrive Sent up north to build a telegraph line the men bring news of the outside world new inventions and customs unfamiliar to Erinia s people Everyone at the odinochka listens to the Americans stories learns their funny songs and dances the waltz that the telegraph men teach them br br But as suddenly as they ve come the telegraph men leave their telegraph line abandoned and Erinia is bereft Word comes that the United States has purchased Russian America from Russia Erinia and her people have become American Alaskans Their lives will never be the same as they struggle to find their place in this American world that doesn t care about the old ways Will there ever again be dancing at their odinochka br br Inspired by a five page memoir written in by the real Erinia Pavaloff a relative of the author s stepfather Dancing at the Odinochka is a stunning story of family culture and hope that will leave no reader untouched

Miss Agnes and the Ginger Tom

In the previous book The Year of Miss Agnes it s and a new teacher comes to teach in the tiny Athabascan village on the Koyukuk River in Alaska Ten year old Fred tells why Miss Agnes is the best teacher they ve ever had in their one room school and different in every way ln the sequel Miss Agnes and the Ginger Tom their wonderful teacher is back And she s brought a cat the first they ve ever seen But how long will she stay Miss Agnes has arranged for her extraordinarily gifted student Jimmy Sam to go away to a college prep school outside If he can pass the test Miss Agnes starts Jimmy on a rigorous program of study for the test and Fred and the others learn right along with him The whole village is part of Miss Agnes school She s brought boxes of books and soon everyone in town is reading something from the school bookshelves And she s brought a movie projector so the village people can see movies for the first time The village s anxiety increases as the school year goes on waiting for Jimmy s test Grandma says it s hutlaanee bad luck to talk about the test but they can t help it If Jimmy doesn t pass it he will have to leave school next year to do a man s work with his father and brother all his dreams of being a scientist come to nothing

Toughboy and Sister, Miss Agnes and the Ginger Tom, The Year of Miss Agnes, Bo at Iditarod Creek, Bo at Ballard Creek, Minuk: Ashes in the Pathway, Do Not Pass Go, Winter Camp, Dancing at the Odinochka