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Title:In Self Defense
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Saranne Dawson
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Number of Pages:249

In Self Defense by Saranne Dawson

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Secrets of the Wolf

SECRET OF THE HEART br br Beautiful Amanda Traynor was being followed As she embarked on a mission to unearth the lost civilization of the Kassids the flame haired beauty was rescued from an attacker by a seductive stranger with ice blue eyes His silver hair was soft as the night air and his eyes held innumerable secrets Locked in Daken s arms Amanda felt the past slip away as a new future unfolded before her full of innocence and promise But she sensed that behind Daken s feral gaze lay unfathomable truths so horrible they jeopardized the only happiness she d ever known Hidden deep in the Kassid fortress shrouded by the mist of the Dark Mountains ancient legends threatened to quench their flames of passion and destroy the Kassids forever Together they could save his people but only if their love was strong enough to survive the mysteries hidden in his piercing blue eyes

Starlight, Starbright

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Heart of the Wolf

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The Enchanted Land

Abandoned on a doorstep as a baby Emily has always been called a fairy child As a woman her blonde elfin beauty is enough to enchant any man including Alec But Alec has not been sent to seduce her but to take her to the hidden valley where his people dwell where the mystery of Emily s birth will be revealed


Seeking refuge in her ancestral homeland the fair Rozlynd the last of the Dammai returns to the walled city of Katandi where her beauty and magic bewitch the heart of the bold ruler Justan


As leader of her people it was time for beautiful flame haired Nazleen to choose a mate time to produce a daughter and heir For generations the women of her race had kept an uneasy truce with the warlike men around them submitting to male desire out of duty instead of pleasure But Nazleen dreamed of a different kind of bonding a joining of spirits as well as bodies In her dreams she saw the man who was destined to be her lover Unlike the dark haired dark eyed warriors she d always known he had hair of burnished gold and his piercing eyes were the color of the sacred green fire Most astonishing of all the thought of taking him to bed filled Nazleen not with dread but delicious anticipation


Rowena a weaver of enchanted tapestries is sent to assassinate Zachary MacTavesh an enemy leader who prefers to conquer damsels rather than cities and finds a stunningly seductive rival in the new target of his passions

From the Mist

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Prince Of Thieves

Unwilling to relinquish her father s prosperous estate and marry a man she despised Lady Maryana was dispatched to the now occupied land of her kingdom s ancient enemies The recent war had left the land and its inhabitants bereft of food and hope One man held the lifeblood of the country in his grasp a man who despite his ragged attire intrigued Maryana like no other br br Lord Roderic Hode the former Earl of Varley was her king s sworn enemy and now led a rogue band of thieves who stole from the rich and gave to the poor But when Maryana looked into Roderic s blazing eyes she saw his passion for life for his people and for her Deep in the forest he took her to the peak of ecstasy and joined their souls with a desire sanctioned by love Torn between her heritage and a love that knew no bounds Maryana would gladly renounce her people if only she could remain forever in the strong arms of her Prince of Thieves

Awakenings, Spellbound, Prince Of Thieves, Starlight, Starbright, The Enchanted Land, Greenfire, Heart of the Wolf, Star-Crossed, From the Mist, Secrets of the Wolf