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Title:The Language of New Media
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Lev Manovich
Publisher:MIT Press
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:354
Category:Non fiction, Theory, Art, Technology, Film

The Language of New Media by Lev Manovich

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The Language of New Media

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Software Takes Command

A text on software studies attempting to define Cultural Software From the book br My aim is not provide a comprehensive history of cultural software in general or media authoring software in particular Nor do I aim to discuss all new creative techniques it enables across different cultural fields Instead I will trace a particular path through this history that will take us from to today and which will pass through some of its most crucial points

Soft Cinema: Navigating the Database

What kind of cinema is appropriate for the age of Palm Pilot and Google Automatic surveillance and self guided missiles Consumer profiling and CNN To investigate this question Lev Manovich one of today s most influential thinkers in the fields of media arts and digital culture paired with award winning new media artist and designer Andreas Kratky They have also invited contributions from leaders in other cultural fields DJ Spooky Scanner George Lewis and Johann Johannsson music servo architecture Schoenerwissen OfCD information visualization and Ross Cooper Studios media design The results of their three year explorations are the three films presented on this DVD Although the films resemble the familiar genres of cinema the process by which they were created demonstrates the possibilities of soft ware cinema A cinema that is in which human subjectivity and the variable choices made by custom software combine to create films that can run infinitely without ever exactly repeating the same image sequences screen layouts and narratives Mission to Earth a science fiction allegory of the immigrant experience adopts the variable choices and multi frame layout of the Soft Cinema system to represent variable identity Absences is a lyrical black and white narrative that relies on algorithms normally deployed in military and civilian surveillance applications to determine the editing of video and audio Texas a database narrative assembles its visuals sounds narratives and even the identities of its characters from multiple databases The DVD was designed so that every viewing of each film generates a different version

Black Box White Cube

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sadr aj br Umesto predgovora li na hronologija br Arheologija kompjuterskog ekrana br Automatizacija pogleda od fotografije do kompjuterskog vida br Avangarda kao softver br ta je digitalni film br Baza podataka kao simboli ka forma br Dejan Sretenovi stari novi mediji br Terminolo ki re nik br Bele ka o autoru br Lev Manovi je jedan od vode ih teoreti ara novih medija profesor teorije i prakse digitalnih umetnosti na Kalifornijskom univerzitetu u San Dijegu U svojim istra ivanjima genealogije jezika novih medija Manovi mapira istorijske i teleolo ke trajektorije komunikacijskih reprezentacijskih i formalnih tehnika novih medija polaze i od poznatog na ela da nijedan medij ne deluje izolovano od drugih i da pronalazak svakog novog medija nu no referi e na prethodna iskustva


Does new media represent a new avant garde of information How can an information society be represented iconically if the activities that define it are all so dynamic What are the cultural consequences of extending the internet into the physical world br br In proposing software as modernity s new societal force this book seeks to reclassify software as today s revitalized combustion engine underpinning the logic of contemporary culture Manovich investigates the ways in which the shift from an industrial to information society has resulted in new aesthetic sensibilities and representations He describes software as the internal combustion engine of the information society arguing that it is in software that the new cultural logic manifests itself most clearly This is a cutting edge and systematic examination of contemporary culture by the creator of the field of software studies

Naujųjų medijų kalba

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El software toma el mando

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Software Takes Command: Extending the Language of New Media

Software has replaced a diverse array of physical mechanical and electronic technologies used before st century to create store distribute and interact with cultural artifacts It has become our interface to the world to others to our memory and our imagination a universal language through which the world speaks and a universal engine on which the world runs What electricity and combustion engine were to the early th century software is to the early st century Offering the the first theoretical and historical account of software for media authoring and its effects on the practice and the very concept of media the author of The Language of New Media develops his own theory for this rapidly growing always changing field What was the thinking and motivations of people who in the and s created concepts and practical techniques that underlie contemporary media software such as Photoshop Illustrator Maya Final Cut and After Effects How do their interfaces and tools shape the visual aesthetics of contemporary media and design What happens to the idea of a medium after previously media specific tools have been simulated and extended in software Is it still meaningful to talk about different mediums at all Lev Manovich answers these questions and supports his theoretical arguments by detailed analysis of key media applications such as Photoshop and After Effects popular web services such as Google Earth and the projects in motion graphics interactive environments graphic design and architecture Software Takes Command is a must for all practicing designers and media artists and scholars concerned with contemporary media

Making Art of Databases

In recent centuries a whole range of exact systems has been developed in order to describe and categorize spoken and written communication phonologically morphologically syntactically semantically pragmatically stylistically But there is nothing similar for visual and audio communication despite the fact that the importance of these media has increased dramatically over the last years Attempts to develop various systems for the deployment of archives and databases in the work of artists with the goal of developing interactive dynamic artworks in which the database plays an active role were undertaken during a series of masterclasses organized by V in association with the Zentrum fr Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karslruhe Ars Electronica Center in Linz and the Center for Culture and Communication in Budapest In this publication specialists in the field of image sound and interaction Lev Manovitch Sher Doruff Joel Ryan and Rafael Lozano Hemmer together with Brian Massumi share their visions for the use of databases and archives in their particular area of expertise

Info-Aesthetics, Naujųjų medijų kalba, The Language of New Media, Metamediji, Soft Cinema: Navigating the Database, El software toma el mando, Making Art of Databases, Black Box White Cube, Software Takes Command: Extending the Language of New Media, Software Takes Command