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Author:Homer, Christian Werner
Publisher:Cosac & Naify
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Number of Pages:640
Category:Classics, Fiction, Poetry, Mythology, Fantasy, School

Odisseia by Homer, Christian Werner

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Odisseia A Odisseia tra a a volta de Odisseu her i da Guerra de Troia a sua terra natal depois de vinte anos A narrativa se divide em tr s tempos principais a situa o de Pen lope e do filho Tel maco em taca e a viagem de Tel maco a narra o das suas aventuras passadas cativo de Calipso canto das sereias ciclope e passagem pelo reino dos mortos regresso de Odisseu a taca e morte dos pretendentes

The Odyssey

Literature s grandest evocation of life s journey at once an ageless human story and an individual test of moral endurance Homer s ancient Greek epic i The Odyssey i is translated by Robert Fagles with an introduction and notes by Bernard Knox in Penguin Classics br br When Robert Fagles translation of i The Iliad i was published in critics and scholars alike hailed it as a masterpiece Here one of the great modern translators presents us with i The Odyssey i Homer s best loved poem recounting Odysseus wanderings after the Trojan War With wit and wile the man of twists and turns meets the challenges of the sea god Poseidon and monsters ranging from the many headed Scylla to the cannibalistic Cyclops Polyphemus only to return after twenty years to a home besieged by his wife Penelope s suitors In the myths and legends retold in this immortal poem Fagles has captured the energy of Homer s original in a bold contemporary idiom br br Seven greek cities claim the honour of being the birthplace of Homer c th th century BC the poet to whom the composition of the i Iliad i and i Odyssey i are attributed The i Iliad i is the oldest surviving work of Western literature but the identity or even the existence of Homer himself is a complete mystery with no reliable biographical information having survived br br If you enjoyed i The Odyssey i you might like Robert Fagles translation of i The Iliad i also available in Penguin Classics br br Wonderfully readable Just the right blend of roughness and sophistication br Ted Hughes br br A memorable achievement Mr Fagles has been remarkably successful in finding a style that is of our time and yet timeless br Richard Jenkyns i The New York Times Book Review i br br His translation of i The Odyssey i is his best work yet br Garry Wills i New Yorker i

The Iliad

i The Iliad i is one of the two great epics of Homer and is typically described as one of the greatest war stories of all time but to say the Iliad is a war story does not begin to describe the emotional sweep of its action and characters Achilles Helen Hector and other heroes of Greek myth and history in the tenth and final year of the Greek siege of Troy

The Iliad/The Odyssey

Gripping listeners and readers for more than years The Iliad is the story of the Trojan War and the rage of Achilles Combining the skills of a poet and scholar Robert Fagles brings the energy of contemporary language to this enduring heroic epic br br If The Iliad is the world s greatest war story then The Odyssey is literature s greatest evocation of every man s journey through life Here again Fagles has performed the translator s task magnificently giving us an Odyssey to read aloud to savor and to treasure for its sheer lyrical mastery br br Each volume contains a superb introduction with textual and critical commentary by renowned classicist Bernard Knox

Homeric Hymns

Composed for recitation at festivals these songs were written in honour of the gods and goddesses of the ancient Greek pantheon They recount the key episodes in the lives of the gods and dramatise the moments when they first appear before mortals Together they offer the most vivid picture we have of the Greek view of the relationship between the divine and human worlds

The Odyssey, Book 1-12

A substantial introduction covers many of the questions that lie behind the poem including a thorough summary of Homeric grammar the text is elucidated with full annotations indexes and bibliography

The Iliad/The Odyssey/The Aeneid

b A glorious boxed set featuring Robert Fagles s award winning translations of the three great epics of Western literature b br br ONE OF THE PREEMINENT translators of our time Robert Fagles s interpretations of these epic poems give new life to three seminal works in the Western canon The Penguin Classic Deluxe Editions of i The Iliad The Odyssey i and i The Aeneid i are collected here for the first time in a specially designed gift box Each volume contains a superb introduction by renowned classicist Bernard Knox

The Essential Homer

Selections from both i Iliad i and i Odyssey i made with an eye for those episodes that figure most prominently in the study of mythology

The Odyssey + 7 Free Bonus works: The Iliad Of Homer, Paradise Lost, The Golden Ass, Oedipus The King, Oedipus At Colonus, Antigone, The Aeneid

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The Essential Odyssey

This generous abridgment of Stanley Lombardo s translation of the i Odyssey i offers more than half of the epic including all of its best known episodes and finest poetry while providing concise summaries for omitted books and passages Sheila Murnaghan s Introduction a shortened version of her essay for the unabridged edition is ideal for readers new to this remarkable tale of the homecoming of Odysseus

Iliada, #1

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Homeric Hymns, Iliada, #1, The Odyssey + 7 Free Bonus works: The Iliad Of Homer, Paradise Lost, The Golden Ass, Oedipus The King, Oedipus At Colonus, Antigone, The Aeneid, The Iliad/The Odyssey/The Aeneid, The Iliad, The Iliad/The Odyssey, The Odyssey, Book 1-12, The Odyssey, The Essential Odyssey, The Essential Homer