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Title:Sa Majesté des Mouches
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Author:William Golding, Christian Biet, Claude Lapointe
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Category:Classics, Fiction, Young adult, School, Literature

Sa Majesté des Mouches by William Golding, Christian Biet, Claude Lapointe

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Sa Majesté des Mouches Soit un groupe d enfants de six treize ans que l on isole sur une le d serte Qu advient il d eux apr s quelques mois William Golding tente l exp rience Apr s les excitantes excursions et parties de baignade il faut s organiser pour survivre C est au moins la r flexion de Ralph celui qui fut lu chef au temps heureux des commencements et du fid le Piggy Mais c est ce que refusent de comprendre Jack le second aspirant au tr ne et les siens Cette premi re division clanique n est pas loin de reproduire un sch ma social ancestral S ensuivent des comportements qui boudent peu peu la civilisation et travers lesquels les rituels imm moriaux le disputent une sauvagerie d une violence sans limite p D s i Sa Majest des Mouches i port l cran par Peter Brook appara t l obsession de William Golding l homme est fonci rement mauvais Le monde est porteur d une cruaut sans faille dans laquelle chacun se fourvoie et finit par p rir comme il l illustre plus tard dans i Les H ritiers i ou i Parade sauvage i L crivain re ut le prix Nobel de litt rature en i Laure Anciel i p

Lord of the Flies

When a plane crashes on a remote island a small group of schoolboys are the sole survivors From the prophetic Simon and virtuous Ralph to the lovable Piggy and brutish Jack each of the boys attempts to establish control as the reality and brutal savagery of their situation sets in br br The boys struggle to find a way of existing in a community with no fixed boundaries invites readers to evaluate the concepts involved in social and political constructs and moral frameworks Ideas of community leadership and the rule of law are called into question as the reader has to consider who has a right to power why and what the consequences of the acquisition of power may be Often compared to i Catcher in the Rye i i Lord of the Flies i also represents a coming of age story of innocence lost

Rites of Passage (To the Ends of the Earth, #1)

In the cabin of an ancient stinking warship bound for Australia a man writes a journal to entertain his godfather back in England With wit and disdain he records mounting tensions on board as an obsequious clergyman attracts the animosity of the tyrannical captain and surly crew

The Inheritors

When the spring came the people what was left of them moved back by the old paths from the sea But this year strange things were happening terrifying things that had never happened before Inexplicable sounds and smells new unimaginable creatures half glimpsed through the leaves What the people didn t and perhaps never would know was that the day of their people was already over br br From the author of i Lord of the Flies i i The Inheritors i is a startling recreation of the lost world of the Neanderthals and a frightening vision of the beginning of a new age

The Spire

Dean Jocelin has a vision that God has chosen him to erect a great spire on his cathedral His mason anxiously advises against it for the old cathedral was built without foundations Nevertheless the spire rises octagon upon octagon pinnacle by pinnacle until the stone pillars shriek and the ground beneath it swims Its shadow falls ever darker on the world below and on Dean Jocelin in particular br br From the author of Lord of the Flies The Spire is a dark and powerful portrait of one man s will and the folly that he creates

Pincher Martin

The sole survivor of a torpedoed destroyer is miraculously cast up on a huge barren rock in mid Atlantic Pitted against him are the sea the sun the night cold and the terror of his isolation br br At the core of this raging tale of physical and psychological violence lies Christopher Martin s will to live as the sum total of his life

Darkness Visible

A dazzlingly dark novel by the Nobel Laureate br br At the height of the London blitz a naked child steps out of an all consuming fire Miraculously saved yet hideously scarred tormented at school and at work Matty becomes a wanderer a seeker after some unknown redemption Two more lost children await him twins as exquisite as they are loveless Toni dabbles in political violence Sophy in sexual tyranny As Golding weaves their destinies together as he draws them toward a final conflagration his book lights up both the inner and outer darknesses of our time br

Free Fall

I was standing up pressed back against the wall trying not to breathe I got there in the one movement my body made My body had many hairs on legs and belly and chest and head and each had its own life each inherited a hundred thousand years of loathing and fear for things that scuttle or slide or crawl from Free Fall br br Sammy Mountjoy artist rises from poverty and an obscure birth to see his pictures hung in the Tate Gallery Swept into World War II he is taken as a prisoner of war threatened with torture then locked in a cell of total darkness to wait He emerges from his cell like Lazarus from the tomb seeing infinity in a grain of sand and eternity in an hour Transfigured by his ordeal he begins to realize what man can be and what he has gradually made of himself through his own choices He determines to find the exact point at which the accumulated weight of those choices has deprived him of free will br

The Pyramid

Oliver is eighteen and wants to enjoy himself before going to university But this is the s and he lives in Stilbourne a small English country town where everyone knows what everyone else is getting up to and where love lust and rebellion are closely followed by revenge and embarrassment

The Paper Men

English novelist Wilfred Barclay who has known fame success and fortune is in crisis He faces a drinking problem slipping over the borderline into alcoholism a dead marriage and the incurable itch of middle age lust But the final unbearable irritation is American Professor of English Literature Rick L Tucker who is implacable in his determinition to become The Barclay Man authorized biographer editor of the posthumous papers and the recognized authority

The Double Tongue

i The Double Tongue i is William Golding s last and perhaps most superbly imaginative novel It is a fictional memoir of an aged prophetess at Delphi the most sacred oracle of ancient Greece just prior to Greece s domination by the Roman Empire As a young girl Arieka is ugly unconventional a source of great shame to her uppity parents who fear they ll never marry her off But she is saved by Ionides the High Priest of the Delphic temple who detects something of a seer and a friend in her and whisks her off to the shrine to become the Pythia the earthly voice of the god Apollo Arieka has now spent a lifetime at the mercy of a god a priest and her devotees and has witnessed firsthand the decay of Delphi s fortunes and its influence in the world Her reflections on the mysteries of the oracle which her own weird gifts embody are matched by her feminine insight into the human frailties of the High Priest himself a true Athenian with a wicked sense of humor whose intriguing against the Romans brings about humiliation and disaster This extraordinary short novel left in draft at the author s death in is a psychological and historical triumph Golding has created a vivid and comic picture of ancient Greek society as well as an absolutely convincing portrait of a woman s experience something rare in the Golding oeuvre Arieka the Pythia is one of his finest creations br Left in draft at the author s death in this extraordinary short novel is a psychological and historical triumph An aged prophetess at Delphi the most sacred oracle in ancient Greece looks back over her strange life as the Pythia the voice of the god Apollo Golding was the author of Lord of the Flies and a Nobel Laureate

Free Fall, The Double Tongue, Lord of the Flies, Darkness Visible, The Pyramid, Pincher Martin, The Inheritors, The Paper Men, Rites of Passage (To the Ends of the Earth, #1), The Spire