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Leadership by James MacGregor Burns

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Leadership One of America s leading historians on the role of leadership in American history

George Washington

b A premier leadership scholar and an eighteenth century expert define the special contributions and qualifications of our first president b br br Revolutionary hero founding president and first citizen of the young republic George Washington was the most illustrious public man of his time a man whose image today is the result of the careful grooming of his public persona to include the themes of character self sacrifice and destiny br br As Washington sought to interpret the Constitution s assignment of powers to the executive branch and to establish precedent for future leaders he relied on his key advisers and looked to form consensus as the guiding principle of government His is a legacy of a successful experiment in collective leadership great initiatives in establishing a strong executive branch and the formulation of innovative and lasting economic and foreign policies James MacGregor Burns and Susan Dunn also trace the arc of Washington s increasing dissatisfaction with public life and the seeds of dissent and political parties that ironically grew from his insistence on consensus In this compelling and balanced biography Burns and Dunn give us a rich portrait of the man behind the carefully crafted mythology

Roosevelt: The Lion and the Fox, 1882-1940

The first political biography of Franklin D Roosevelt Winner of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award A case study unmatched in american political writings Newsweek Index photographs br


One of America s leading historians on the role of leadership in American history

The Three Roosevelts: Patrician Leaders Who Transformed America

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Roosevelt: The Soldier of Freedom, 1940-1945

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Packing the Court: The Rise of Judicial Power and the Coming Crisis of the Supreme Court

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Transforming Leadership

In Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning historian James MacGregor Burns published Leadership a seminal book dealing with how leaders interact with society and through their efforts have the power to shape the course of history The book became the basis for an emerging field of leadership studies that has been applied throughout the social sciences as well as in business and government Now Burns has returned to the subject offering a new vision of leadership Transforming Leadership that focuses on the ways that leaders emerge from being ordinary transactional brokers and deal makers to become real agents of major social change who empower their followers br br Through the course of the book Burns illuminates the evolution of leadership structures from the chieftains of tribal African societies through Europe s absolute monarchies to the blossoming of the Enlightenment s views of liberty that came to fruition in the American Revolution Along the way he looks at key moments in leadership and the great leaders who made them including Cleopatra Elizabeth I James Madison Napoleon Mao Gandhi and Mikhail Gorbachev br br Part One Change br Chapter The Mysteries of Leadership An introduction to Burns concept of leadership how leaders differ from tyrants and transactional leaders from transforming leaders and how this differs from other Great Man views of history br br Chapter Searching for the X Factor br Looking at his own studies of FDR and other leaders Burns looks at how change emanates from society and how this shapes community and society Leadership is the X Factor that brings change from concept to social reality br br br Part Two Leaders br Chapter Kings and Queens Knights and Pawns Using the game of chess as a metaphor for leadership action in monarchical society Burns looks at the leadership systems of African tribes and how monarchy evolved to the absolute model in post Renaissance Europe with a portrait of Elizabeth I s successful leadership during a turbulent period in English history br br Chapter Leaders as Planners A look at transforming leadership outside the political arena including the building of the Suez and Panama Canals and Charles Eliot and the making of Harvard University into a world renown institution br br Part Three Leadership br Chapter The Transformation of American Leadership A look at the American Revolutionary Period and how leaders like Jefferson Hamilton and Madison created the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that first brought to political life the th century enlightenment ideals of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness from the foundation of America s political culture to the formation of America s political parties br br Chapter France Trials of Leadership How the French Revolution begun in the spirit of Libety Equality and Fraternity spun out of control because of the leadership failures of men like Robespierre and how it ultimately resulted in the military strongman Napoleon coming to power with dire consequences for Europe br br Chapter Leadership as Conflict Burns argues that conflict is an essential component to getting beyond transactional leadership into transforming leadership that ideals and ideas must clash to yield continuing and meaningful social change He looks through the historical prism of the th century Tory Party s Loyal Opposition in Britain to view its success and Gorbachev s Perestroika and Glasnost initiatives of the s and why they failed br br Part Four People br Chapter The Anatomy of Motivation A look at the human causes behind the necessity for social change what the great thinkers have had to say about it from Rousseau to Marx and how wants become needs that create demands for change br br Chapter Creative Leadership From da Vinci to Einstein the genius intellect has been able to transform our understanding of the world through his or her creative vision Burns argues that creativity is an essential part of building coalitions and finding solutions for the problems we face and profiles Gandhi s creative leadership in India against the British Empire as a prime example as well as how societies can encourage the creativity necessary to foster positive change br br Chapter The Leader Follower Paradox Presents the Burns Paradox If leadership and followership are dynamically intertwined is there really any way to begin understanding their interaction He argues that leadership begins with the followers whose wants and needs become expressed through the intervention of leaders who can articulate them Burns explores this further through the prism of FDR s New Deal program and re election effort in br br Chapter Conflict The Arming of Leadership Burns argues that great leaders seek out conflict and how leaders from Martin Luther King Jr to Nelson Mandela have created enduring change by engaging forthrightly in political conflict br br PARTTTTTT FIVE Transformation br Chapter The Power of Values Citing examples as diverse as Eleanor Roosevelt s championing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Avignon Papacy s enduring leadership of the Church following its exile from Rome Burns shows how creating lasting values is the hallmark of enduring leadership br br Chapter The People Yes How intellectual and creative leaders must engage with the people to forge transformation in our society including examples like the Tennessee Valley Authority br br EPILOGUE Global Poverty Putting Leadership to Work br In a provocative culmination of his examination of leadership Burns proposes a leadership challenge to the foremost problem facing humanity in the st century global poverty He outlines an international UN led initiative for a grass roots campaign to promote development throughout the impoverished nations of the world based on the successful model devised and operated to provide low cost community healthcare in India br

Fire and Light: How the Enlightenment Transformed Our World

With this profound and magnificent book drawing on his deep reservoir of thought and expertise in the humanities James MacGregor Burns takes us into the fire s center As a st century philosopher he brings to vivid life the incandescent personalities and ideas that embody the best in Western civilization and shows us how understanding them is essential for anyone who would seek to decipher the complex problems and potentialities of the world we will live in tomorrow Michael Beschloss i New York Times i bestselling author of i Presidential Courage Brave Leaders and How They Changed America i br br James MacGregor Burns is a national treasure and i Fire and Light i is the elegiac capstone to a career devoted to understanding the seminal ideas that made America for better and for worse what it is Joseph J Ellis Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning author i Revolutionary Summer i br br Pulitzer Prize winning and bestselling historian James MacGregor Burns explores the most daring and transformational intellectual movement in history the European and American Enlightenment br br In this engaging provocative history James MacGregor Burns brilliantly illuminates the two hundred year conflagration of the Enlightenment when audacious questions and astonishing ideas tore across Europe and the New World transforming thought overturning governments and inspiring visionary political experiments i Fire and Light i brings to vivid life the galaxy of revolutionary leaders of thought and action who armed with a new sense of human possibility driven by a hunger for change created the modern world Burns discovers the origins of a distinctive American Enlightenment in men like the Founding Fathers Benjamin Franklin John Adams Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and their early encounters with incendiary European ideas about liberty and equality It was these thinker activists who framed the United States as a grand and continuing experiment in Enlightenment principles br br Today the same questions Enlightenment thinkers grappled with have taken on new urgency around the world in the turmoil of the Arab Spring in the former Soviet Union and China as well as in the United States itself What should a nation be What should citizens expect from their government Who should lead and how can leadership be made both effective and accountable What is happiness and what can the state contribute to it Burns s exploration of the ideals and arguments that formed the bedrock of our modern world shines a new light on these ever important questions

The Vineyard of Liberty (American Experiment, Vol 1)

The first of a three volume history of the United States of America The Vineyard of Liberty covers the period from the framing of the Constitutions in to Lincoln s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in amp offers a brilliant interpretation of the American attempt to preserve liberty

The American Experiment: The Vineyard of Liberty, The Workshop of Democracy, and The Crosswinds of Freedom

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Fire and Light: How the Enlightenment Transformed Our World, Roosevelt: The Lion and the Fox, 1882-1940, Leadership, George Washington, The Vineyard of Liberty (American Experiment, Vol 1), The American Experiment: The Vineyard of Liberty, The Workshop of Democracy, and The Crosswinds of Freedom, Packing the Court: The Rise of Judicial Power and the Coming Crisis of the Supreme Court, Transforming Leadership, The Three Roosevelts: Patrician Leaders Who Transformed America, Roosevelt: The Soldier of Freedom, 1940-1945