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Title:War and Peace (International Collectors Library)
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Leo Tolstoy, Alexandra Kropotkin, Don Sibley, J. Franklin Whitman
Publisher:International Collectors LIbrary
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Number of Pages:696
Category:Classics, Fiction, Historical fiction, Russia, Literature

War and Peace (International Collectors Library) by Leo Tolstoy, Alexandra Kropotkin, Don Sibley, J. Franklin Whitman

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC War and Peace (International Collectors Library) Abridged translation revised by Princess Alexandra Kropotkin Line drawings by Don Sibley

Anna Karenina

Leo Tolstoy s classic story of doomed love is one of the most admired novels in world literature Generations of readers have been enthralled by his magnificent heroine the unhappily married Anna Karenina and her tragic affair with dashing Count Vronsky br br In their world frivolous liaisons are commonplace but Anna and Vronsky s consuming passion makes them a target for scorn and leads to Anna s increasing isolation The heartbreaking trajectory of their relationship contrasts sharply with the colorful swirl of friends and family members who surround them especially the newlyweds Kitty and Levin who forge a touching bond as they struggle to make a life together i Anna Karenina i is a masterpiece not only because of the unforgettable woman at its core and the stark drama of her fate but also because it explores and illuminates the deepest questions about how to live a fulfilled life br br Translated by Louise and Aylmer Maude br

War and Peace

Tolstoy s epic masterpiece intertwines the lives of private and public individuals during the time of the Napoleonic wars and the French invasion of Russia The fortunes of the Rostovs and the Bolkonskys of Pierre Natasha and Andrei are intimately connected with the national history that is played out in parallel with their lives Balls and soirees alternate with councils of war and the machinations of statesmen and generals scenes of violent battles with everyday human passions in a work whose extraordinary imaginative power has never been surpassed br br The prodigious cast of characters seem to act and move as if connected by threads of destiny as the novel relentlessly questions ideas of free will fate and providence Yet Tolstoy s portrayal of marital relations and scenes of domesticity is as truthful and poignant as the grand themes that underlie them

The Death of Ivan Ilych

Hailed as one of the world s supreme masterpieces on the subject of death and dying The Death of Ivan Ilyich is the story of a worldly careerist a high court judge who has never given the inevitability of his dying so much as a passing thought But one day death announces itself to him and to his shocked surprise he is brought face to face with his own mortality br br How Tolstoy asks does an unreflective man confront his one and only moment of truth br br This short novel was an artistic culmination of a profound spiritual crisis in Tolstoy s life a nine year period following the publication of Anna Karenina during which he wrote not a word of fiction br A thoroughly absorbing and at times terrifying glimpse into the abyss of death it is also a strong testament to the possibility of finding spiritual salvation

The Kreutzer Sonata

When Marshal of the Nobility Pozdnyshev suspects his wife of having an affair with her music partner his jealousy consumes him and drives him to murder Controversial upon publication in i The Kreutzer Sonata i illuminates Tolstoy s then feverish Christian ideals his conflicts with lust and the hypocrisies of nineteenth century marriage and his thinking on the role of art and music in society br br In her Introduction Doris Lessing shows how relevant i The Kreutzer Sonata i is to our understanding of Tolstoy the artist as well as to feminism and literature This Modern Library Paperback Classic also contains Tolstoy s i Sequel to the Kruetzer Sonata i


Resurrection is the last of Tolstoy s major novels It tells the story of a nobleman s attempt to redeem the suffering his youthful philandering inflicted on a peasant girl who ends up a prisoner in Siberia Tolstoy s vision of redemption achieved through loving forgiveness and his condemnation of violence dominate the novel An intimate psychological tale of guilt anger and forgiveness Resurrection is at the same time a panoramic description of social life in Russia at the end of the nineteenth century reflecting its author s outrage at the social injustices of the world in which he lived This edition which updates a classic translation has explanatory notes and a substantial introduction based on the most recent scholarship in the field

The Death of Ivan Ilych And Other Stories

Leo Tolstoy combined detailed physical description with perceptive psychological insight to sweep aside the sham of surface appearances and lay bare man s intimate gestures acts and thoughts Murder and sacrifice greed and devotion lust and affection vanity and love one by one in this volume of great stories Tolstoy dissects the basic drives emotions and motives of ordinary people searching for self knowledge and spiritual perfection Chekhov said Of authors my favorite is Tolstoy And Turgenev marveled at the strength of his huge talent It sends a cold shudder even down my back He is a master a master

Childhood, Boyhood, Youth

Leo Tolstoy began his trilogy Childhood Boyhood Youth in his early twenties Although he would in his old age famously dismiss it as an awkward mixture of fact and fiction generations of readers have not agreed finding the novel to be a charming and insightful portrait of inner growth against the background of a world limned with extraordinary clarity grace and color Evident too in its brilliant account of a young person s emerging awareness of the world and of his place within it are many of the stances techniques and themes that would come to full flower in the immortal War and Peace and Anna Karenina and in the other great works of Tolstoy s maturity

Hadji Murad

In Leo Tolstoy enlisted in the Russian army and was sent to the Caucasus to help defeat the Chechens During this war a great Avar chieftain Hadji Mur d broke with the Chechen leader Shamil and fled to the Russians for safety Months later while attempting to rescue his family from Shamil s prison Hadji Mur d was pursued by those he had betrayed and after fighting the most heroic battle of his life was killed br br Tolstoy witness to many of the events leading to Hadji Mur d s death set down this story with painstaking accuracy to preserve for future generations the horror nobility and destruction inherent in war

A Confession

A Confession an essay by Leo Tolstoy on his religious thoughts shows the great author in process of looking for answers to profound questions that trouble all who take them on What will come of my life and What is the meaning of life these are questions whose answers were an absolute requirement for Tolstoy In the course of the essay Tolstoy shows different attempts to find answers on the examples of science philosophy eastern wisdom and the opinions of his fellow novelists finding no workable solution in any of these Tolstoy recognizes the deep religious convictions of ordinary people as containing the key to true answers The first attempt at its publication took place in Russkaya Mysl No but Tolstoy s work was removed virtually from the whole edition of the journal by Orthodox Church censorship The text was later published in Geneva in Russia as late as Vsemirnyj Vestnik No

The Cossacks

This novel in a vibrant new translation by Peter Constantine is Tolstoy s semiautobiographical story of young Olenin a wealthy disaffected Muscovite who joins the Russian army and travels to the untamed frontier of the Caucasus in search of a more authentic life While striving to adopt the rough and ready lifestyle of the local Cossacks Olenin falls in love with a free spirited girl whose fianc turns out to be a formidable opponent Showcasing the philosophical insight that would characterize Tolstoy s later masterpieces this long overdue translation is a revelation

Resurrection, The Death of Ivan Ilych And Other Stories, Childhood, Boyhood, Youth, War and Peace, Hadji Murad, The Kreutzer Sonata, The Cossacks, The Death of Ivan Ilych, A Confession, Anna Karenina