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Title:The Outsiders
Format Type:Ebook
Author:S.E. Hinton, National Geographic Learning
Publisher:National Geographic School Publishing
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:208
Category:Fiction, Young adult, Classics, School, Realistic fiction

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, National Geographic Learning

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC The Outsiders In Ponyboy s world there are two types of people There are the Socs the rich society kids who get away with anything Then there are the greasers like Ponyboy who aren t so lucky Ponyboy has a few things he can count on his older brothers his friends and trouble with the Socs whose idea of a good time is beating up greasers At least he knows what to expect until the night things go too fa

The Outsiders

According to Ponyboy there are two kinds of people in the world greasers and socs A soc short for social has money can get away with just about anything and has an attitude longer than a limousine A greaser on the other hand always lives on the outside and needs to watch his back Ponyboy is a greaser and he s always been proud of it even willing to rumble against a gang of socs for the sake of his fellow greasers until one terrible night when his friend Johnny kills a soc The murder gets under Ponyboy s skin causing his bifurcated world to crumble and teaching him that pain feels the same whether a soc or a greaser

That Was Then, This Is Now

Does growing up have to mean growing apart br br Since childhood Bryon and Mark have been as close as brothers Now things are changing Bryon s growing up spending a lot of time with girls and thinking seriously about who he wants to be Mark still just lives for the thrill of the moment The two are growing apart until Bryon makes a shocking discovery about Mark Then Bryon faces a terrible decision one that will change both of their lives forever

Rumble Fish

Rusty James is the toughest guy in the group of high school kids who hang out and shoot pool down at Benny s and he enjoys keeping up his reputation What he wants most of all is to be just like his older brother the Motorcycle Boy He wants to stay calm and laughing when things get dangerous to be the toughest street fighter and the most respected guy on their side of the river Rusty James isn t book smart and he knows it He relies on his fists instead of his brains Until now he s gotten along all right because whenever he gets into trouble the Motorcycle Boy bails him out But Rusty James drive to be like his brother eats away at his world until it all comes apart in an explosive chain of events And this time the Motorcycle Boy isn t around to pick up the pieces br br Stylistically superb This packs a punch that will leave readers of any age reeling i School Library Journal i Starred br br Sharper in focus and more mature in style than Hinton s The Outsiders i Booklist i br br b i An ALA Best Books for Young Adults i b br br b i A i School Library Journal i Best Books of the Year i b


Easygoing thoughtless and direct Tex at fifteen likes everyone and everything especially his horse Negrito and Johnny Collins s blue eyed sister Jamie He thinks life with his seventeen year old brother Mason in their ramshackle house would be just about perfect if only Mace would stop complaining about Pop Pop hasn t been home in five months Mace wants to get out of Oklahoma Tex just seems to attract trouble and danger Suddenly everything s falling apart Can Tex keep it all together

The Outsiders

Adapted by Christopher Sergel From the book by S E Hinton br Cast m w extras as desired Some variations possible S E Hinton who wrote this modern classic when she was years old comments The Outsiders like most things I write is written from a boy s point of view That s why I m listed as S E Hinton rather than Susan I figured most boys would look at the book and think What can a chick know about stuff like that None of the events are taken from life but the rest how kids think and live and feel is for real The characters Dallas who wasn t tough enough Sodapop the happy go lucky dropout Bob the rich kid whose arrogance cost him his life Ponyboy the sensitive green eyed Greaser who didn t want to be a hood they re all real to me Many of my friends are Greasers but I m not I have friends who are rich too but nobody will ever call me a Soc I ve seen what money and too much idle time and parental approval can do to people Cool people mean nothing to me they re living behind masks and I m always wondering Is there a real person underneath This entirely practical stage adaptation deals with real people seen through the eyes of young Ponyboy a Greaser on the wrong side of life caught up in territorial battles between the have it made rich kids the Socs and his tough underprivileged greaser family and friends In the midst of urban warfare somehow Ponyboy can t forget a short poem that speaks of their fragile young lives br br Nature s first green is gold Her hardest hue to hold br Her early leaf s a flower But only so an hour br Then leaf subsides to leaf So Eden sank to grief br so dawn goes down to day Nothing gold can stay br br Robert Frost wrote it Ponyboy tells Johnny I always remembered it because I never quite got what he meant by it Cherry a beautiful Soc comes to share a special sensitivity with Ponyboy as she discovers that he remembers poems and needs to watch sunsets At the same time Cherry s attracted to the older tougher Dallas and in a sense she s caught in the violent space between the Greasers and the Socs While the Socs appear to have everything the only thing a Greaser has is his friends As these young people try to find themselves and each other as the sadness of sophistication begins to reach them and their battles and relationships reach a resolution Ponyboy s dying friend Johnny sends him a last message I ve been thinking about the poem that guy wrote He meant you re gold when you re a kid like green When you re a kid everything s new dawn It s just when you get used to everything that it s day Like the way you dig sunsets Pony That s gold Keep it that way It s a good way to be This is a play about young people who are not yet hopeless about latent decency in the midst of struggle Area staging Approximate Running Time hours

Taming the Star Runner

Travis is the epitome of cool even when he s in trouble But when he s sent to stay with his uncle on a ranch in the country he finds that his schoolmates don t like his tough city ways He does find friendship of a sort with Casey who runs a riding school at the ranch She s the bravest person Travis has ever met and crazy enough to try to tame the Star Runner her beautiful dangerous horse who s always on edge about to explode It s clear to Travis that he and the Star Runner are two of a kind creatures not meant to be tamed br br A powerful story Travis is Everyteen part insecure hell raiser part closet intellectual prone to both sneers and tears Hinton continues to grow more reflective in her books but her great understanding not of what teenagers are but of what they can hope to be is undiminished i Kirkus Reviews i br br b i An ALA Best Books for Young Adults br br An ALA Quick Pick i b

Hawkes Harbor

An orphan and a bastard Jamie Sommers grew up knowing he had no hope of heaven Conceived in adultery and born in sin Jamie was destined to repeat the sins of his parents or so the nuns told him And he proved them right Taking to sea Jamie sought out danger and adventure in exotic ports all over the world as a smuggler gunrunner and murderer Tough enough to handle anything he s survived foreign prisons pirates and a shark attack But in a quiet seaside town in Delaware Jamie discovered something that was enough to drive him insane and change his life forever For it was in Hawkes Harbor that Jamie came face to face with the ultimate evil

S.E. Hinton: the Collection: The Outsiders / Rumble Fish / That Was Then, This Is Now

As popular today as they were when first published more than thirty years ago The Outsiders and That Was Then This Is Now are finally available in one handy edition Both titles incorporate universal themes of loyalty independence and alienation in a realistic voice that speaks directly to young adult readers The Outsiders Growing up in a rough city surrounded by violence Ponyboy and his friends learn what it means to defend your turf and to stand up for each other That Was Then This Is Now Mark and Bryon are practically brothers they have no family to speak of but they eventually come to a point in their lives where they have difficult choices to make choices that might separate them forever

Some of Tim's Stories (The Oklahoma Stories & Storytellers Series)

Terry and Mike are cousins who are as close as cousins can be more like brothers really Growing up in happy times they think their idyllic lives are invincible But shared tragedies send both of their lives in two very different directions Told through a series of inter connected short stories by Tim a sympathetic bartender who recognizes himself in the characters he speaks of

Puppy Sister

Nick and his parents get more than they bargained for when their newly adopted puppy Aleasha decides she ll have more fun with her new family if she becomes human too So begins a laugh out loud adventure told from Aleasha s point of view about her transformation from puppy to girl

Tex, Puppy Sister, The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton: the Collection: The Outsiders / Rumble Fish / That Was Then, This Is Now, Rumble Fish, Some of Tim's Stories (The Oklahoma Stories & Storytellers Series), The Outsiders, Taming the Star Runner, Hawkes Harbor, That Was Then, This Is Now