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Title:Cozy Christmas
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Valerie Hansen
Publisher:Love Inspired
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:224
Category:Love inspired, Christmas, Romance, Christian fiction

Cozy Christmas by Valerie Hansen

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For the first time in years Christmas brings hope to Bygones Kansas But for Josh Barton Main Street s coffee shop owner it brings back sad memories he d rather forget He s a new man with a new life and faith now Still he hides a huge part of himself from his neighbors and from one very inquisitive reporter Whitney Leigh seems determined to uncover the mystery of the town s recent windfall and Josh could help her But that would mean opening up his guarded heart Can a man who thought family and Christmas were only for others find a forever home where he least expects .

The Heart of Main Street They re rebuilding the town one step and heart at a time

Montana Reunion (Big Sky Centennial, #.5)

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Explosive Secrets (Texas K-9 Unit #4)

PREGNANT AND ALONE Implicated by her criminal cousin Nicki Johnson is now the target of a murderous gang Dark haired policeman Jackson Worth thinks she is hiding something but his remarkable bomb sniffing dog has no such reservations He s there to protect her no judgments no questions And Jackson is a man of honor He ll stand by this beauty and her unborn child Because it is the right thing to do And because guarding her has left his battle scarred heart open to the possibility of love Which changes everything br br Texas K Unit These lawmen solve the toughest cases with the help of their brave canine partners

The Rookie's Assignment (Fitzgerald Bay, #2)

br Law enforcement in Fitzgerald Bay is i full i of Fitzgeralds from the chief of police to brand new detective Keira Fitzgerald Are they tampering with a murder investigation to protect one of their own Internal affairs detective Nick Delfino is sent undercover to investigate the powerful clan Yet the deeper he digs the more Nick comes to admire the Fitzgeralds especially his rookie partner Keira When a killer targets Nick can he maintain his cover catch his attacker and protect Keira while the looming danger closes in br

Face of Danger

No description available

Frontier Courtship

She had made a solemn promise to see her younger sister to safety in California But the endless journey across the frontier was proving a heartbreaking test of courage and endurance for Faith Beal All she had to sustain her was her steadfast belief in a loving God and the guiding hand of a stranger who truly seemed heaven sent Connell McClain was her selfless guardian as their wagon train slowly made its way west And as they shared the dangers of the trail and the closeness of a covered wagon Faith felt the first tender stirrings of love for this roughhewn yet caring man But would the secrets that seemed to haunt him threaten their growing feelings for one another

High Plains Bride (After the Storm: The Founding Years, #1)

Emmeline Carter was prepared for danger on the new frontier But she didn t foresee the tornado that tore their wagon train apart Now her father is dead her mother and sister are injured and their twin wards are missing There s nowhere to turn but the fledgling Kansas settlement of High Plains Town founder Will Logan steps in to search for the twins and house the Carters for now He s not cut out for family life long term But Emmeline s got her own ideas and when this high plains bride chooses her groom nothing will get in her way

Healing the Boss's Heart

When a tornado strikes a Kansas town without warning wealthy businessman Greg Garrison rushes an orphaned boy to safety His heroism and kindness stirs something inside single mother and secretary Maya Logan Especially when her hard nosed boss helps search for the child s missing dog Suddenly Greg is pitching in all over town including her own destroyed home Rebuilding efforts will take time Yet Maya now has hope that there s room in her boss s much bigger heart for love and family

Search and Rescue (Rookie K-9 Unit #6)

DEFENDING HIS OWN br br Newly sworn in as chief of police Ryder Hayes is ready to defend the citizens of Desert Valley especially his five year old daughter Lily from his wife s murderer So when Ryder starts to grow close to K trainer Sophie Williams he pushes her away to protect her He can t let Sophie become the next target of the deranged serial killer who s obsessed with him But Sophie has secrets of her own and Ryder s caution isn t enough to shield her from deadly peril or her own feelings To save everyone he loves Ryder will have to let Sophie in and count on his new K partner to help sniff out the killer

My Deadly Valentine

Dangerous Admirer by Valerie HansenSomeone s stalking Rachel Hollister With suspects at every turn it s deputy Jase Morgan s job to halt the menace shadowing her steps As the most romantic holiday of the year approaches can she trust this charming officer with her life and her heart br br Dark Obsession by Lynette Eason br br Hang up calls graffiti break ins at her shop right before Valentine s Day Someone wants to scare Holly Maddox and it s working Her high school sweetheart Eli Brody comes to the rescue but surely the handsome detective doesn t really plan to stay There s nowhere for Holly to turn as danger and heartbreak start closing in


No description available

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