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Equestrian by Toney Allman

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Equestrian Books in this series explore the scientific principles behind some of the most popular team and individual sports basic physical science concepts are explained in an engaging and accessible manner This new title in the Science behind Sports series provides an in depth look at the scientific principles behind equestrian events such as racing dressage hunting endurance events steeplechase and polo Chapters cover physics biomechanics genetics Each volume in the series focuses on one sport and opens with a brief look at the featured sport s origins history and changes to rules equipment or techniques Subsequent chapters cover the biomechanics and physiology of playing related health and m

The Medical Examiner

A drop of blood a follicle of hair a speck of dirt forensics is hot Introduce your students to the world of criminal investigators and other professionals solving the most notorious crimes of yesterday and today br br Sidebars examine both the limits and possibilities of the new technologies and present crime statistics career information and step by step explanations of scientific and legal processes Books in the series have been reviewed by FBI special agents and San Diego Police Department forensic scientists


Tales about monsters that were part man part wolf terrified Europeans centuries ago They continue to captivate people today This book will explore werewolves origins supposed sightings and roles in literary works Readers will also find out how the modern image of these furry ferocious monsters was molded in Hollywood horror films

Asperger's Syndrome

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Mean Behind the Screen: What You Need to Know about Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a serious issue for today s wired teens It s bullying via computer and cell phone that involves harassment threats and humiliation If you ve been bullied you know how it feels It can disrupt your school and home life and make you feel sick angry or worse Mean Behind the Screen What You Need to Know About Cyberbullying looks at how real teens have been affected by cyberbullying how cyberbullying works and what can happen to both bullies and victims It also includes a quiz about signs of trouble and practical tips for dealing with and preventing cyberbullying

Internet Predators

Internet sex predators have fast become a growing threat to children and teens online At social networks and in chat rooms young people are enticed into relationships that may move into the real world and lead to sexual exploitation abuse or worse Despite the efforts of law enforcement too many kids continue to be easy and trusting targets This book examines the tactics of the predators the real life experiences of young victims the stings that catch online predators and the ways in which people can protect themselves in todays virtual world

Colon Cancer

These books offer readers a means of understanding various ailments clear careful explanations offer insight into what these conditions are what causes them how we cope with them and the latest information about treatment and prevention In this new addition to the Diseases and Disorders series author Toney Allman discusses the causes treatment and impact of colon cancer Though the diagnosis of colon cancer once held the promise of a grim future Allman explains that scientists are no All volumes in the series include primary and secondary quotations annotated bibliographies detailed indexes and lists of organizations to contact for additional information


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From Spider Webs to Man-Made Silk

Spider Orb weaver spiders produce silk that is stronger yet lighter than any material ever made by any kind of animal Genetic engineering is making this fantastic silk available for human use With the milk from transgenic goats scientists have developed the ability to imitate the silk that has been the envy of humans for thousands of years Bulletproof vests airbags and suspension cables made of pencil thin spider silk are promises in humanity s future

The Rise of Islam

Islam as a faith and as a political power rose to world dominance in an astoundingly brief timespanlittle more than one hundred years From the fascinating events of Muhammads life to the founding of a vast empire the rise of Islam is the story of a people a vibrant culture and the growth of a civilization Without Islams contributions it is doubtful that Western civilization could have developed as it did

The Enlightenment

The Enlightenment was a transformative philosophical period in European and America during the eighteenth century Also known as the Age of Reason the movement emphasized the supremacy of reason empiricism rationalism and individualism in all areas of human life including religion politics science and the arts The American Revolution is but one example of the real world results of Enlightenment thinking and as many historians see it Enlightenment thinking continues to shape Western civilization

Internet Predators, Mean Behind the Screen: What You Need to Know about Cyberbullying, The Enlightenment, Autism, The Rise of Islam, Werewolves, From Spider Webs to Man-Made Silk, Colon Cancer, Asperger's Syndrome, The Medical Examiner