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Title:Dead Souls
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Author:Michael Laimo
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Category:Horror, Fiction, Novels

Dead Souls by Michael Laimo

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Deep in the Darkness

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Dead Souls

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The Demonologist

Is Bev Mathers going crazy He s been hearing chilling voices in his head seeing nightmarish visions that just can t be true And it keeps getting worse and worse No unfortunately for Bev he s completely sane What s taking control of him is far more terrifying than insanity And it has an unimaginable purpose br br Bev has become an innocent pawn in an infernal game a victim of hellish forces beyond understanding His visions of blood and debauchery are growing more ghastly every day Some of them the most shocking are real Bev can feel his mind his body his very soul slipping away Will his only hope or his eternal damnation come from the demonologist


New York City police detective Frank Ballaro is returning home one night when he notices a trail of blood on the curb outside his apartment It leads to an alley from which a naked man races in a frenzy An oncoming cab ends the man s life but not before he whispers a last dying word i b atmosphere b i br br Frank finds a second injured man in the alley In his hands the man desperately clutches a bizarre object which he guards with his life As the case leads Frank from Park Avenue to Harlem to Greenwich Village he soon discovers the hideous meaning behind the word atmosphere and the unspeakable terror that comes with it He can only pray that it spares his life

Fires Rising

The church waits in darkness It looks abandoned forgotten It has no congregation but it is not empty Under its floor in a pit dug long ago lies a wooden crate that was never meant to be unearthed But the church is finally being renovated and workmen have found the pit How could they realize what they have done How could they know the forces they ve unleashed br br Father Pilazzo is overseeing the renovation of the old church His dream is to see it restored to its former glory But his dream is becoming a nightmare He s begun to see horrific visions unholy images of death and warnings of terrors to come And within the church forgotten men fight to survive against impossible demons while sides are drawn for the ultimate battle

Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution

Splatterlands reawakens and reimagines the hyperintensive writing style and controversial themes indicative of the original Splatterpunk movement Containing the work of some of the freshest voices of our modern time it is an anthology of deeply intelligent short stories whose extreme themes and graphic depictions of violence and terror are intended to have a lasting effect for years to come br br Splatterlands pushes the boundaries of horror while taking several giant leaps beyond senseless violence and gore for the sake of gore It s a collection of personal subversive and intelligent horror that doesn t sugarcoat reality br br Exploring themes that include serial murder personal betrayal vengeance religious fanaticism physical and mental abuse the fragility of the human mind societal corruption corporate greed sexual assault and more Splatterlands reaches into your soul with an icy steel claw and twists You will never look at the world the same way again

Demons, Freaks And Other Abnormalities

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Richard Sparke has no trouble sleeping It s what he does after he falls asleep that gets him into trouble There s the nightmares his dead mother coming to visit and then the return of his daughter who was only an infant when she died Among all of this the man in black tries to murder him in his sleep Soon the waking world falls prey to nightmares and the two worlds become very difficult to tell apart for a man who simply wants to live an ordinary life if anyone will let him

Return to Darkness

Picking up right where Deep in the Darkness left off Dr Michael Cayle returns from near death to rescue his wife and daughter who have been taken captive by the Isolates the aboriginal creatures living in the woods behind his home Will he find them alive or dead Or worse br br Dead Souls is creepy atmospheric and explosive keep a light on and a gun loaded when you crack this baby Another outstanding thriller from Michael Laimo Douglas Preston author of The Monster of Florence br br Michael Laimo can stand proud next to Clive Barker and Stephen King The Horror Review br br One of the best and most refreshing horror novels you re likely to read Gary Braunbeck on Deep in the Darkness

Dark Ride

Dark Ride is a collection of short fiction by one of the brightest writers in the genres of horror and dark fantasy These stories range from the horrific to the br surreal and prove Michael Laimo to be a compelling stylist and br relentless storyteller None have been collected previously and some br are original to this volume br br It features an introduction by Brian Keene br br Summer Fling is not just another monster tale and wraps up with a br resolution that is as wicked as it is unexpected In The Rash the br author re examines a personal nightmare to create a universal tale br of biological terror illuminating that moment when we discover br something is going very wrong with our own bodies Other tales which br explore this territory are Contact Lenses and Scarred for Life br br Laimo uses his knowledge as a native New Yorker to summon up a br frightening and memorable subway ride in End of the Line Then he br switches gears in Something in the Air to examine a small town br visited by a very original kind of evil br br Other tales range from the playful such as Aftermath to the br extreme as in The Exploitations of George Frederick Leighton and br the oddly experimental I Exude in Partials br br In addition a new novelette The Startling Supplements to Brione br Heloise s Depictions appears here for the first time Written as an br homage to the work of H P Lovecraft it reveals yet another aspect br of Laimo s admirable talent

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