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Title:Dead Religion
Format Type:Ebook
Author:David Beers
Publisher:Smashwords Edition
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:210
Category:Horror, Thriller, Amazon, Fantasy

Dead Religion by David Beers

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Dead Religion A hotel explodes in Mexico City killing thousands and all available evidence points to an American citizen Alex Valdez The FBI desperately needs to find him or if he s dead the reasons behind his attack before the Mexican government can .

Agent James Allison is tasked with finding Alex Valdez wherever that may lead .

What Allison can t know what the FBI doesn t understand is Valdez s past .

Alex Valdez was raised by parents convinced their religion their God discarded by European conquerors needed to return Convinced that their God s rightful place was in charge of this world just as it had been the Aztec civilization From this a small child turned into a haunted man Married now unable to distinguish if the God exists and if it does does it mean to kill him and all that he loves Alex Valdez is a man that can no longer tell reality from dreams with a wife who has watched her husband cut himself to shreds from that terror .

i Dead Religion i follows both Alex Valdez and James Allison in their searches for truth Valdez believes he knows how to stop this God while James only wants to make it home alive .

In a time when miracles and Gods have been pushed to a past age Agent Allison must walk the fine line between insanity and reality trying to uncover the facts behind the terrific loss of life in Mexico City before the same torments find their way into his own life

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