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Title:Ninja Self-Defense Techniques
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Stephen K. Hayes
Publisher:Periplus Editions (HK) Ltd.
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:160

Ninja Self-Defense Techniques by Stephen K. Hayes

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Ninja Self-Defense Techniques In i Ninja Self Defense Techniques i the classic art of the ninja is updated for maximum effectiveness in modern day situations Stephen K Hayes is a Black Belt Hall of Fame member and acknowledged Father of American Ninjutsu He has distilled and refined the knowledge he has built studying and teaching ninjutsu for decades into a comprehensive self defense system that can defuse the worst situations the modern world has to offer .

The result is a realistic martial arts training system that includes instruction in techniques and strategies for dealing with .

grappling throwing choking and joint locking .

striking kicking and punching .

stick blade cord and projectile weapons .

handling multiple assailants and surprise attacks .

overcoming psychological intimidation or bullying .


With his revised take on the classical ninja martial arts the author provides his readers with all the key ingredients both physical and mental to emerge safely from unexpected danger The chapter on mental discipline will allow readers to feel more confident in whatever situation everyday life brings .

i Ninja Self Defense Techniques i contains extremely practical techniques that the author honed while serving as a bodyguard for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and fine tuned through years of teaching It is the ultimate self defense book from a true martial art maste

The Ninja and Their Secret Fighting Art

b Look past the legends and learn about the REAL ninjas of feudal Japan with this entertaining illustrated ninjutsu guide b br br Ninjutsu the least understood of the Japanese martial arts is an ancient fighting style emphasizing natural movement responsiveness to adversaries and absolute practicality In feudal Japan ninja were feared for their skill in espionage and particularly assassination Masters of weaponry stealth and martial techniques ninja were credited with supernatural powers because of the near invincibility of their unique and deadly art br br In i The Ninja and Their Secret Fighting Art i Black Belt Hall of Fame member Stephen K Hayes reveals the secrets that lead to the perception of the ninja as warriors of almost sorcerous skill the art of invisibility special tools and weapons and psychological training enabling the ninja to gain advantage in any situation br br Chapters include br Perspective Origin Organization Training At the Height of Power The Decline Ninjutsu in the Modern World br Search for the Ninja br Unarmed Combat The Ninja Fists Fighting Postures Other Factors br Weaponry Chains and Cords Sticks and Staffs Canes with Concealed Weapons The Ninja Sword Throwing Blades br The Way of Invisibility Sense Deception Phantom Steps Reconnaissance Blending with the Night Attacking the Eyes The Art of Disguise br Shadow Warriors Espionage Commando Tactics br The Realm of the Spirit Psychological Warfare The Force of the Killer The Great Harmony

The Mystic Arts of the Ninja the Mystic Arts of the Ninja

Ninja That single word conjures up images of mystery and power The ability to move swiftly and silently to mesmerize one s victim to strike infallibly and then to disappear into the night this is the legend of the ninja These nearly sorcerous aspects of the ninja as well as the exotic weapons they use are the focus of The Mystic Arts of the Ninja Its author Shidoshi Stephen K Hayes is the sole American to be granted teaching credentials by the th grandmaster of the Togokure School of Ninjutsu in Japan Going beyond the basic conditioning and training techniques of his best selling Ninjutsu The Art of the Invisible Warrior Hayes explains the most sought after secrets of his ninja training br Hypnotism Saiminjutsu the ninja s hypnotic powers are described and explained Sample exercises are provided to help develop your hypnotic powers br Invisibility Stealth walking and camouflage are discussed Hayes provides examples of how to move silently across various kinds of terrain and how to blend into your surroundings to become invisible br Weaponry The Hanbo cane the sword and the infamous shuriken throwing stars are ninja trademarks Hayes fully describes their use in grappling as well as in attacking More than black and white photos are used to illustrate the secrets and techniques that have been used by the ninja to surprise and outwit their foes over the past years The authenticity of Shidoshi Hayes s instruction is perhaps the most important aspect of this book no other book represents the true ninja tradition


Describes the training exercises and meditation techniques of the Japanese ninja warriors and explains how to perform the ninja s methods of self defense

Spirit of the Shadow Warrior

The first installment in Hayes epic Ninja series introduces the reader to the building blocks of ninjutsu basic postures the natural elements that correspond with fighting techniques weapons and the scheme of totality The author also teaches meditation exercises to strengthen one s consciousness and decrease reaction time The seminal book in Hayes best selling collection it provides the reader with the tools to start his path in the Togakure Ryu tradition

Warrior Ways of Enlightenment

By adding more advanced tools and concepts to the modern ninja s training regimen this book continues where volume one left off In the second book of the series Hayes introduces combat principles such as dealing with and avoiding danger rolls and ground rebounds training for modern altercations and the power generating hand symbols of kuji in

Warrior Path of Togakure

The author relates the history and significance of the birthplace of Daisuke Nishina the founder of the Togakure Ryu of ninjutsu and introduces advanced principles such as enlightened consciousness secrets of ninja invisibility the union of body and weapon and how to direct the power of one s surroundings

Secrets from the Ninja Grandmaster

This is a collection of heart to heart lessons from ninja grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi to his senior student and first American disciple Stephen K Hayes When this book was first published in Western martial artists could learn for the first time what the grandmaster himself had to say about the essence of warrior training that emphasised real world battlefield fighting methods jissen gata from the use of weapons to ninja invisibility to kuji warrior spirituality as opposed to art or sport This important volume is now available once again through Paladin Press with new introductions by both authors an all new epilogue entitled Twelve Years Later and a techniques section that illustrates various classical ninja fighting defences This is an incredibly valuable book for every martial artist who has ever wanted to go beyond the stereotypical images of the ninja sensationalised in action adventure movies and gain access to the true secrets of the ninja grandmaster

Legacy of the Night Warrior

Heading further down the warrior s path while delving into both the ancient and modern history of ninjutsu the topics include combat training drills the emergence and techniques of female ninja agents exercises to increase awareness and the goton po theory of escape and invisibility The concise writing and numerous photographs make the subject matter clear to the experienced martial artist and the novice

Lore of the Shinobi Warrior

The first Westerner responsible for introducing authentic ninjutsu to America explores the use of natural body postures and movements attack angles striking tools and dispels popular myths about ninjutsu Fully illustrated techniques with step by step photos and instructions

Wisdom from the Ninja Village of the Cold Moon

No description available

The Ninja and Their Secret Fighting Art, The Mystic Arts of the Ninja the Mystic Arts of the Ninja, Spirit of the Shadow Warrior, Legacy of the Night Warrior, Ninjutsu, Wisdom from the Ninja Village of the Cold Moon, Lore of the Shinobi Warrior, Secrets from the Ninja Grandmaster, Warrior Path of Togakure, Warrior Ways of Enlightenment