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Title:Den tidsrejsendes kvinde
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Audrey Niffenegger, Jens Christian Grøndahl
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:557
Category:Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Time travel, Science fiction, Contemporary, Chick lit, Adult, Adult fiction, Novels

Den tidsrejsendes kvinde by Audrey Niffenegger, Jens Christian Grøndahl

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Den tidsrejsendes kvinde Henry er bibliotekar og f dt med en genetisk sygdom kronolepsi der g r at han falder ud af tiden uden varsel S dukker han op et andet sted i en anden tid n gen sulten og uden viden om hvorn r han kan vende tilbage til nutiden Under en af sine rejser m der han sin fremtidige kones rige jeg og det bliver starten p en fin k rlighedshistorie der er mere kompleks end som s Den rige Clare bliver hurtig glad for Henry som giver hende et skema over de datoer hvor han dukker op og bes ger hende Hun venter med st rre og st rre l ngsel p bes gene og da hun fylder r er hun forelsket og klar til Henry Men de m vente for der g r endnu nogle r f r de m des i real tid Og da de g r det er det pludselig Clare som ved mere end Henry for det var hans ldre jeg der rejste tilbage til hendes barndom Situationen bliver alvorligere som tiden skrider frem da Henrys sygdom forv rres og han i tiltagende grad sv kkes af sine tidsrejse

The Time Traveler's Wife

A funny often poignant tale of boy meets girl with a twist what if one of them couldn t stop slipping in and out of time Highly original and imaginative this debut novel raises questions about life love and the effects of time on relationships br br Audrey Niffenegger s innovative debut The Time Traveler s Wife is the story of Clare a beautiful art student and Henry an adventuresome librarian who have known each other since Clare was six and Henry was thirty six and were married when Clare was twenty three and Henry thirty one Impossible but true because Henry is one of the first people diagnosed with Chrono Displacement Disorder periodically his genetic clock resets and he finds himself misplaced in time pulled to moments of emotional gravity in his life past and future His disappearances are spontaneous his experiences unpredictable alternately harrowing and amusing br br The Time Traveler s Wife depicts the effects of time travel on Henry and Clare s marriage and their passionate love for each other as the story unfolds from both points of view Clare and Henry attempt to live normal lives pursuing familiar goals steady jobs good friends children of their own All of this is threatened by something they can neither prevent nor control making their story intensely moving and entirely unforgettable

Her Fearful Symmetry

Six years after the phenomenal success of The Time Traveler s Wife Audrey Niffenegger has returned with a spectacularly compelling and haunting second novel set in and around Highgate Cemetery in London br br When Elspeth Noblin dies of cancer she leaves her London apartment to her twin nieces Julia and Valentina These two American girls never met their English aunt only knew that their mother too was a twin and Elspeth her sister Julia and Valentina are semi normal American teenagers with seemingly little interest in college finding jobs or anything outside their cozy home in the suburbs of Chicago and with an abnormally intense attachment to one another br br The girls move to Elspeth s flat which borders Highgate Cemetery in London They come to know the building s other residents There is Martin a brilliant and charming crossword puzzle setter suffering from crippling Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Marjike Martin s devoted but trapped wife and Robert Elspeth s elusive lover a scholar of the cemetery As the girls become embroiled in the fraying lives of their aunt s neighbors they also discover that much is still alive in Highgate including perhaps their aunt who can t seem to leave her old apartment and life behind br br Niffenegger weaves a captivating story in Her Fearful Symmetry about love and identity about secrets and sisterhood and about the tenacity of life even after death

The Night Bookmobile

First serialised in the i Guardian i i The Night Bookmobile i tells the story of a young woman who one night encounters a mysterious disappearing mobile library that happens to stock every book she has ever read Seeing her history and her most intimate self in this library she embarks on a search for the bookmobile Over time her search turns into an obsession as she longs to be reunited with her own collection and her memories

Raven Girl

Once there was a Postman who fell in love with a Raven br br So begins the tale of a postman who encounters a fledgling raven while on the edge of his route and decides to bring her home The unlikely couple falls in love and conceives a child an extraordinary raven girl trapped in a human body The raven girl feels imprisoned by her arms and legs and covets wings and the ability to fly Betwixt and between she reluctantly grows into a young woman until one day she meets an unorthodox doctor who is willing to change her br br Complete with Audrey Niffenegger s bewitching etchings and paintings i Raven Girl i explores the bounds of transformation and possibility in a dark fairy tale full of wonderment and longing

The Three Incestuous Sisters

i The Three Incestuous Sisters i is an evocative illustrated book by the best selling author of i The Time Traveler s Wife i Audrey Niffenegger Reminiscent of the gothic style of Edward Gorey Niffenegger s visually stunning narrative affirms her genius as a storyteller These rich pages present the tale of three very different sisters one who is beautiful one who is smart and one who is talented A melodrama of sibling rivalry unfurls as one sister is driven mad with jealousy due to the passionate love affair of another Escalating to a dizzying climax the romance of the two lovers ends in sabotage shame and despair Haunting illustrations and lyrical prose depict a timeless tale of love revenge and ultimately transcendence br br i The Three Incestuous Sisters i is a unique and lavish tour de force which showcases Audrey Niffenegger s incredible talent as an artist and a writer

The Adventuress

The author of the i New York Times i bestseller i The Time Traveler s Wife i returns with another evocative novel in pictures the much anticipated follow up to s i The Three Incestuous Sisters The Adventuress i follows the dreamlike journey of an alchemist s daughter After she is kidnapped by a lascivious baron she turns herself into a moth and flees to the garden of a charming butterfly collector named Napoleon Bonaparte The story of how the two become lovers and how their affair ends in tragedy and transcendence is told through Niffenegger s spare prose and haunting aquatint etchings With a stunning and distinctive visual style reminiscent of the work of Edward Gorey this gothic romance packs the emotional heft of the world s great fairy tales It will delight fans of the author s previous works and enchant an entirely new legion of readers

Ghostly: A Collection of Ghost Stories

b Collected and introduced by the bestselling author of i The Time Traveler s Wife i and i Her Fearful Symmetry i including Audrey Niffenegger s own fabulous new illustrations for each piece and a new story by her this is a unique and haunting anthology of some of the best ghost stories of all time br b From Edgar Allan Poe to Kelly Link M R James to Neil Gaiman H H Munro to Audrey Niffenegger herself i Ghostly i reveals the evolution of the ghost story genre with tales going back to the eighteenth century and into the modern era ranging across styles from Gothic Horror to Victorian stories about haunting haunted children animals houses Every story is introduced by Audrey Niffenegger an acclaimed master of the craft with some words on its background and why she chose to include it Audrey s own story is A Secret Life With Cats br Perfect for the classic and contemporary ghost story aficionado this is a delightful volume beautifully illustrated by Audrey who is a graphic artist with great vision i Ghostly i showcases the best of the best in the field including Edith Wharton P G Wodehouse A S Byatt Ray Bradbury and so many more

Awake in the Dream World: The Art of Audrey Niffenegger

Otherworldly provocative and strange b i Awake in the Dream World i b channels the looming historical grimness of the classic fairy tale illuminating the dichotomy between the real and imagined through the context of fantasy and bringing to life a macabre ensemble of folkloric characters b i Awake in the Dream World i b is a mid career retrospective of artist and author Audrey Niffenegger i The Time Traveler s Wife i bestselling novel turned feature film reflecting her talent for cultivating a captivating narrative exclusively through pictures and her own confrontations with life mortality and magic br br Niffenegger s fantastical body of work is reminiscent of renowned pen and ink predecessors such as Edward Gorey Aubrey Beardsley Egon Schiele Edward Dulac and Horst Janssen but with a brutally honest and unapologetically strange female perspective that touches upon the universal trials of life death and decay love jealousy redemption and the inevitability of change Her works on paper lithographs and aquatints reflect the often surreal narratives of her artist s books Through self portraiture Niffenegger reveals her own self assurance and whimsy alongside anxiety and loneliness probing darker corners of the human heart and mind often exploring the hopeless struggle with what Shakespeare called this bloody tyrant Time br br Essays by Audrey Niffenegger National Museum of Women in the Arts Curator of Book Arts Krystyna Wasserman and Art Institute of Chicago Curator and School of the Art Institute Professor Mark Pascale explore the artist s influences and work br br Published in conjunction with the June November exhibition at the National Museum of Women in the Arts

The Chinchilla Girl in Exile

A nine year old girl named Lizzie Varo has hypertrichosis she is covered with hair and desires to go to school she s been home schooled by her clever and amusing Aunt Mariella When she does go to school things get weird

Jakob Wywialowski and the Angels

An elderly man Jakob Wywialowski finds angels in his attic and hires an exterminator to come and angel proof his house

Raven Girl, The Chinchilla Girl in Exile, Jakob Wywialowski and the Angels, Awake in the Dream World: The Art of Audrey Niffenegger, Her Fearful Symmetry, Ghostly: A Collection of Ghost Stories, The Three Incestuous Sisters, The Time Traveler's Wife, The Night Bookmobile, The Adventuress