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Title:Tricky Business
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Dave Barry
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:287
Category:Humor, Fiction, Mystery, Comedy, Funny, Crime

Tricky Business by Dave Barry

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Tricky Business The Extravaganza of the Seas is a five thousand ton cash cow a top heavy tub whose sole function is to carry gamblers three miles from the Florida coast take their money then bring them back so they can find more money In the middle of a tropical storm one night these characters are among the passengers it carries Fay Benton a single mom and cocktail waitress desperate for something to go right for once Johnny and the Contusions a ship s band with so little talent they are well the ship s band Arnold and Phil two refugees from the Beaux Arts Senior Center Lou Tarant a wide bald man who has killed nine people though none recently and an assortment of uglies whose job it is to facilitate the ship s true business which is money laundering or drug smuggling or something

Peter and the Starcatchers (Peter and the Starcatchers, #1)

Orphan Peter and his mates are dispatched to an island ruled by the evil King Zarboff They set sail aboard the i Never i i Land i a ship carrying a precious and mysterious cargo the greatest treasure on earth but is it gold jewels or something far more mysterious and dangerous Adds to classic i Peter Pan i

Peter and the Shadow Thieves (Peter and the Starcatchers, #2)

In this riveting and adventure packed follow up to the award winning i New York Times i bestseller i Peter and the Starcatchers i Peter leaves the relative safety of Mollusk Island along with his trusted companion Tinker Bell for the dark and dangerous streets of London On a difficult journey across the sea he and Tink discover the mysterious and deadly Lord Ombra who is intent on recovering the missing starstuff celestial dust that contains unimagined powers In London Peter attempts to track down the indomitable Molly hoping that together they can combat Ombra s determined forces But London is not Mollusk Island Peter is not the boy he used to be and Lord Ombra the Shadow Master is unlike anything Peter or the world has ever seen br br Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have done it again written a compulsively readable magical impossible to put down tale that will delight readers of all ages

Peter and the Secret of Rundoon (Peter and the Starcatchers, #3)

In this action packed conclusion to the Starcatchers trilogy Peter and Molly find themselves in the dangerous land of Rundoon ruled by the evil King Zarboff who takes great delight in watching his pet snake Kundalini consume anyone who displeases him But that s just the start of the trouble facing our heroes who once again find themselves pitted against the evil shadow creature Lord Ombra in a struggle to save themselves and Molly s father not to mention the entire planet from an unthinkable end Meanwhile back in Never Land a tribal war is under way and while Peter is off fighting to save the world a young Mollusk princess has no choice but to join forced with sinister pirates to save her island from the vicious Scorpions br br i Peter and the Secret of Rundoon i is a wild desert adventure with flying camels magic carpets and evil shadows that literally zooms toward an unforgettable and unimaginable climax Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have teamed together once again to pen a story with unrelenting action and adventure that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages

Peter and the Sword of Mercy (Peter and the Starcatchers, #4)

The year is it s been twenty three years since Peter and the Lost Boys returned from Rundoon Since then nobody on the island has grown a day older and the Lost Boys continue their friendship with the Mollusk tribe and their rivalry with Captain Hook Meanwhile in London Molly has married George Darling and is raising three children Wendy Michael and John One night a visitor appears at her door it s James one of Peter s original Lost Boys He is now working for Scotland Yard and suspects that the heir to England s throne Prince Albert Edward is under the influence of shadow creatures These shadow creatures are determined to find a secret cache of startstuff which fell to London many centuries ago The starstuff is hidden in an underground vault which has only one key the Sword of Mercy a legendary weapon kept with the crown jewels Molly is determined to locate and protect the starstuff but when she suddenly goes missing it is up to her eleven year old daughter Wendy to keep it out of the Others clutches Wendy has heard her mother s stories of a flying boy named Peter Pan and he may be her only hope in saving the world from a shadowy doom

Big Trouble

In the city of Coconut Grove Florida these things happen A struggling adman named Eliot Arnold drives home from a meeting with the Client From Hell His teenage son Matt fills a Squirtmaster for his turn at a high school game called Killer Matt s intended victim Jenny Herk sits down in front of the TV with her mom for what she hopes will be a peaceful evening for once Jenny s alcoholic and secretly embezzling stepfather Arthur emerges from the maid s room angry at being rebuffed Henry and Leonard two hit men from New Jersey pull up to the Herks house for a real game of Killer Arthur s embezzlement apparently not having been quite so secret to his employers after all And a homeless man named Puggy settles down for the night in a treehouse just inside the Herks yard br br In a few minutes a chain of events that will change the lives of each and every one of them will begin and will leave some of them wiser some of them deader and some of them definitely looking for a new line of work With a wicked wit razor sharp observations rich characters and a plot with more twists than the Inland Waterway Dave Barry makes his debut a complete and utter triumph

Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up

You can t make this stuff up Dave Barry would never lie and here are the real life laugh out loud stories from across America to prove it a U S Supreme Court justice shares his remedy for preventing gas I had not realized that this was a matter of concern in the highest levels of government a newspaper headline in Ohio announces the combustibility of strawberry Pop Tarts A story that can really help you gain a better understanding of how you can be killed by breakfast snack food the frightening fact that snakes have mastered the pipelines leading directly to your toilet and they re not shy Many women might view this as a fair punishment for all the billions of times that guys have left the seat up br br So get up close with Dave as he swears to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so God help you

Dave Barry Slept Here: A Sort of History of the United States

If you love to laugh if you love your country if you are unaware that the Sixth Amendment states that if you are accused of a crime you have the right to a trial before a jury of people too stupid to get out of jury duty Dave Barry Slept Here is the book for you Every single momentous event and crucial movement is covered including br br The Birthing Contractions of a Nation br Kicking Some British Butt br The Forging of a Large Wasteful Bureaucracy br The Civil War A Nation Pokes Itself in the Eyeball br The Fifties Peace Prosperity Brain Death br The Reagan Bush Years Napping Toward Glory br And much more

Insane City

b A dark comic masterpiece the first solo adult novel in more than a decade from the Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times bestselling author b br br Seth Weinstein knew Tina was way out of his league in pretty much any way you could imagine which is why it continued to astonish him that he was on the plane now for their destination wedding in Florida The Groom Posse had already sprung an airport prank on him and he d survived it and if that was the worst of it everything should be okay Smooth sailing from now on br br Seth has absolutely no idea what he s about to get into In the next several hours he and his friends will become embroiled with rioters Russian gangsters angry strippers a pimp as big as the Death Star a very desperate Haitian refugee on the run with her two children from some very bad men and an eleven foot albino Burmese python named Blossom And there re still two days to go before the wedding br br As it turns out it s not smooth sailing it s more like a trip on the Titanic And the water below him is getting deeper every minute By the end amid gunfire high speed chases and mayhem of the most unimaginable sort violent men will fall heroes will rise and many lives will change br br Seth s not least of all

The Bridge to Never Land (Peter and the Starcatchers, #5)

Aidan and Sarah Cooper have no idea what they re getting into one afternoon when they discover a mysterious coded document in a secret compartment of an antique English desk their father recently brought at an auction Something about the document seems familiar to Sarah and that night she realizes what it is the document seems to be referring to some books she has read the Starcatchers series about the origin of Peter Pan But how could that be The document seems far older than the books And of course the books are just stories br br Curious Sarah and Aidan begin to decipher the mysterious document At first it s a game unraveling the mystery piece by piece each piece leading them to a new deeper puzzle br br But soon the game turns strange and scary They discover that the stories are real and that what they thought was a fictional battle between good and evil is still going on And the scariest part is i They have become part of it i br br Pursued by a being that can take any form and will stop at nothing to get what it wants from them Aidan and Sarah embark on a desperate thrilling quest for help a quest that leads them to some unforgettable people in some unlikely places including one that s not supposed to exist at all At each step they must solve new puzzles and escape new dangers all the while knowing that is they fail the evil they are fleeing will be let loose on an unsuspecting world

Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need

TAKE YOUR TRAVEL TIPS FROM DAVE BARRY br A GUY WHO IS REALLY GONE br br Complete with maps histories quaint local facts France s National Underwear Changing Day is March song lyrics helpful hints on how to get through Customs all insects must be spayed and tidbits from Dave Barry s own fond vacation nightmares DAVE BARRY S ONLY TRAVEL GUIDE YOU LL EVER NEED is just that You ll find everything you need to know in this incredibly comprehensive reference including br br Air Travel Or Why Birds Never Look Truly Relaxed br Traveling as a Family Or No We Are NOT There Yet br Traveling in Europe Excuse me Where is the Big Mona Lisa br Camping Nature s Way of Promoting the Motel Industry

Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up, Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need, Peter and the Shadow Thieves (Peter and the Starcatchers, #2), Insane City, Peter and the Secret of Rundoon (Peter and the Starcatchers, #3), Peter and the Starcatchers (Peter and the Starcatchers, #1), Dave Barry Slept Here: A Sort of History of the United States, Peter and the Sword of Mercy (Peter and the Starcatchers, #4), Big Trouble, The Bridge to Never Land (Peter and the Starcatchers, #5)