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Title:Night: Kesaksian tentang Holocaust
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Elie Wiesel, Alamanda Christian
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Number of Pages:178
Category:Non fiction, Classics, History, Memoir, Holocaust, Biography

Night: Kesaksian tentang Holocaust by Elie Wiesel, Alamanda Christian

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Night: Kesaksian tentang Holocaust Lahir di kota kecil Sighet Transylvania Ellie Wiesel hanyalah seorang remaja tanggung ketika dia dan keluarganya digiring dari rumah mereka ke kamp konsentrasi Auschwitz pada tahun sebelum dipindahkan ke kamp Buchenwald .

i Night i merupakan catatan tragis Ellie Wiesel tentang kematian keluarganya tentang kematian keluguannya sekaligus cerita tentang keputusasaannya sebagai seorang Yahudi yang taat saat matanya dihadapkan pada kejahatan manusia Edisi alih bahasa terbaru ini digarap oleh istrinya Marion Wiesel meliputi perbaikan pada berbagai detail penting yang lebih akurat tentang kejadian di kamp konsentrasi dan pesan pesan penting Ellie Wiesel agar kejadian mengerikan itu tak terulang lagi

Night (The Night Trilogy #1)

An autobiographical narrative in which the author describes his experiences in Nazi concentration camps watching family and friends die and how they led him to believe that God is dead br br Night is Elie Wiesel s masterpiece a candid horrific and deeply poignant autobiographical account of his survival as a teenager in the Nazi death camps This new translation by Marion Wiesel Elie s wife and frequent translator presents this seminal memoir in the language and spirit truest to the author s original intent And in a substantive new preface Elie Wiesel reflects on the enduring importance of Night and his lifelong passionate dedication to ensuring that the world never forget man s capacity for inhumanity to man

Dawn (The Night Trilogy #2)

br Elisha is a young Jewish man a Holocaust survivor and an Israeli freedom fighter in British controlled Palestine John Dawson is the captured English officer he will murder at dawn in retribution for the British execution of a fellow freedom fighter The night long wait for morning and death provides i Dawn i Elie Wiesel s ever more timely novel with its harrowingly taut hour by hour narrative Caught between the manifold horrors of the past and the troubling dilemmas of the present Elisha wrestles with guilt ghosts and ultimately God as he waits for the appointed hour and his act of assassination i Dawn i is an eloquent meditation on the compromises justifications and sacrifices that human beings make when they murder other human beings

Day (The Night Trilogy #3)

b Not since Albert Camus has there been such an eloquent spokesman for man i The New York Times Book Review i b br br The publication of i Day i restores Elie Wiesel s original title to the novel initially published in English as i The Accident i and clearly establishes it as the powerful conclusion to the author s classic trilogy of Holocaust literature which includes his memoir i Night i and novel i Dawn i In i Night i it is the I who speaks writes Wiesel In the other two it is the I who listens and questions br br In its opening paragraphs a successful journalist and Holocaust survivor steps off a New York City curb and into the path of an oncoming taxi Consequently most of Wiesel s masterful portrayal of one man s exploration of the historical tragedy that befell him his family and his people transpires in the thoughts daydreams and memories of the novel s narrator Torn between choosing life or death i Day i again and again returns to the guiding questions that inform Wiesel s trilogy the meaning and worth of surviving the annihilation of a race the effects of the Holocaust upon the modern character of the Jewish people and the loss of one s religious faith in the face of mass murder and human extermination

The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident

The first three works by Elie Wiesel are here brought together in one volume where the terrifying truth of their vision the stunning simplicity of their art and the power of their unity achieve epic dimensions br br Night first published in is Wiesel s true account of spiritual and national exile and one of the masterpieces of Holocaust literature The adolescent Elie and his family among hundreds of thousands of Jews from all parts of Eastern Europe are cruelly deported from their hometown to the horrors of Auschwitz and Buchenwald Wiesel writes of their battle for survival and of his battle with God for a way to understand the wanton cruelty he witnesses each day br br In the short novel Dawn Elisha the sole survivor of his family whose immolation he witnessed at Auschwitz has survived the Second World War and settled in Palestine Apprenticed to a Jewish terrorist gang he is commanded to execute a British officer who has been taken hostage During the lonely hours before dawn he meditates on the act of murder he is waiting to commit br br In The Accident Wiesel s second novel Elisha now a journalist living in New York is the victim of a nearly fatal automobile accident This fiction questions the limits of the spirit and the self Can Holocaust survivors forge a new life without the memories of the old As the author writes in his introduction In Night it is the I who speaks in the other two narratives it is the I who listens and questions br br Wiesel s trilogy offers meditations on mankind s attraction to violence and on the temptation of self destruction

Open Heart

b Translated by Marion Wiesel br br A profoundly and unexpectedly intimate deeply affecting summing up of his life so far from one of the most cherished moral voices of our time b br br Eighty two years old facing emergency heart surgery and his own mortality Elie Wiesel reflects back on his life Emotions images faces and questions flash through his mind His family before and during the unspeakable Event The gifts of marriage and children and grandchildren that followed In his writing in his teaching in his public life has he done enough for memory and the survivors His ongoing questioning of God where has it led Is there hope for mankind The world s tireless ambassador of tolerance and justice has given us this luminous account of hope and despair an exploration of the love regrets and abiding faith of a remarkable man

All Rivers Run to the Sea

In this first volume of his two volume autobiography Wiesel takes us from his childhood memories of a traditional and loving Jewish family in the Romanian village of Sighet through the horrors of Auschwitz and Buchenwald and the years of spiritual struggle to his emergence as a witness for the Holocaust s martyrs and survivors and for the State of Israel and as a spokesman for humanity With pages of black and white photographs br br From the abyss of the death camps Wiesel has come as a messenger to mankind not with a message of hate and revenge but with one of brotherhood and atonement br i From the citation for the Nobel Peace Prize i

The Trial of God: (as it was held on February 25, 1649, in Shamgorod)

Where is God when innocent human beings suffer This drama lays bare the most vexing questions confronting the moral imagination br Set in a Ukranian village in the year this haunting play takes place in the aftermath of a pogrom Only two Jews Berish the innkeeper and his daughter Hannah have survived the brutal Cossack raids When three itinerant actors arrive in town to perform a Purim play Berish demands that they stage a mock trial of God instead indicting Him for His silence in the face of evil Berish a latter day Job is ready to take on the role of prosecutor But who will defend God A mysterious stranger named Sam who seems oddly familiar to everyone present shows up just in time to volunteer br The idea for this play came from an event that Elie Wiesel witnessed as a boy in Auschwitz Three rabbis all erudite and pious men decided one evening to indict God for allowing His children to be massacred I remember I was there and I felt like crying But there nobody cried br Inspired and challenged by this play Christian theologians Robert McAfee Brown and Matthew Fox in a new Introduction and Afterword join Elie Wiesel in the search for faith in a world where God is silent


From Elie Wiesel Nobel laureate and author of i Night i a charged deeply moving novel about the legacy of the Holocaust in today s troubled world and the ongoing Israeli Palestinian conflict br It s and Shaltiel Feigenberg professional storyteller writer and beloved husband has been taken hostage abducted from his home in Brooklyn blindfolded and tied to a chair in a dark basement His captors an Arab and an Italian don t explain why the innocent Shaltiel has been chosen just that his life will be bartered for the freedom of three Palestinian prisoners As his days of waiting commence Shaltiel resorts to what he does best telling stories to himself and to the men who hold his fate in their hands br With beauty and sensitivity Wiesel builds the world of Shaltiel s memories haunted by the Holocaust and a Europe in the midst of radical change A Communist brother a childhood spent hiding from the Nazis in a cellar the kindness of liberating Russian soldiers the unrest of the s these are the stories that unfold in Shaltiel s captivity as the outside world breathlessly follows his disappearance and the police move toward a final confrontation with his captors br Impassioned provocative and insistently humane i Hostage i is both a masterly thriller and a profoundly wise meditation on the power of memory to connect us to the past and our shared need for resolution


Raphael Lipkin is a man obsessed He hears voices He talks to ghosts He is spending the summer at the Mountain Clinic a psychiatric hospital in upstate New York not as a patient but as a visiting professional with a secret personal quest br br A professor of literature and a Holocaust survivor Raphael having rebuilt his life since the war sees it on the verge of coming apart once more He longs to talk to Pedro the man who rescued him as a fifteen year old orphan from postwar Poland and brought him to Paris becoming his friend mentor hero and savior But Pedro disappeared inside the prisons of Stalin s Russia shortly after the war Where is Pedro now and how can Raphael discern what is true and what is false without him br br A mysterious nighttime caller directs Raphael s search to the Mountain Clinic a unique asylum for patients whose delusions spring from the Bible Amid patients calling themselves Adam Cain Abraham Joseph Jeremiah and God Raphael searches for Pedro s truth and the meaning of his own survival in a novel that penetrated the mysteries of good evil and madness

A Mad Desire to Dance

From Elie Wiesel a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and one of our fiercest moral voices a provocative and deeply thoughtful new novel about a life shaped by the worst horrors of the twentieth century and one man s attempt to reclaim happiness br br Doriel a European expatriate living in New York suffers from a profound sense of desperation and loss His mother a member of the Resistance survived World War II only to die in an accident together with his father soon after Doriel was a child during the war and his knowledge of the Holocaust is largely limited to what he finds in movies newsreels and books but it is enough Doriel s parents and their secrets haunt him leaving him filled with longing but unable to experience the most basic joys in life He plunges into an intense study of Judaism but instead of finding solace he comes to believe that he is possessed by a dybbuk br br Surrounded by ghosts spurred on by demons Doriel finally turns to Dr Th r se Goldschmidt a psychoanalyst who finds herself particularly intrigued by her patient The two enter into an uneasy relationship based on exchange of dreams histories and secrets Despite Doriel s initial resistance Dr Goldschmidt helps to bring him to a crossroads and to a shocking denouement br br In Doriel s journey into the darkest regions of the soul Elie Wiesel has written one of his most profoundly moving works of fiction grounded always by his unparalleled moral compass

Twilight, Hostage, The Trial of God: (as it was held on February 25, 1649, in Shamgorod), Open Heart, The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident, Dawn (The Night Trilogy #2), All Rivers Run to the Sea, Day (The Night Trilogy #3), A Mad Desire to Dance, Night (The Night Trilogy #1)