Sorcerer's Apprentice: My Life with Carlos Castaneda

S i orcerer s Apprentice i opens with Amy Wallace s first meeting with Carlos Castaneda the infamous anthropologist turned shaman whose books described meetings with Yaqui Indian spiritual teacher don Juan Castaneda s rise was meteoric in the late s as he wrote massive bestsellers inspired many to experiment with psychedelics and was dubbed the Godfather of the New Age The possibility that Castaneda s experiences may have been fabricated did little to compromise his legend As the daughter of best selling novelist Irving Wallace Amy was rarely shy around famous people When her father insisted she meet Castaneda she at first demurred Little did she know that a delightful first meeting would begin a year friendship followed by her descent into the dramatic and deeply troubled affair chronicled in this book i Sorcerer s Apprentice i unblinkingly reveals the inner workings of the Cult of Carlos run by a charismatic authoritarian in his sixties who controlled his young female followers through emotional abuse mind games bizarre rituals dubious teachings and sexual excess Wallace s story is both specific and universal a captivating cautionary tale about the dangers of giving up one s power to a tyrant and about surviving assaults on body and spirit

The Book of Lists: Horror

The phenomenally popular Book of Lists series has sold millions of copies from coast to coast enthralling trivia aficionados with fascinating infobits about simply everything Now the latest edition turns an evil eye toward the strange the blood curdling and the macabre with spine tingling fun facts from the dark side of entertainment Chock full of creepy information from the netherworlds of movies TV literature video games comic books and graphic novels i The Book of Lists Horror i offers a blood feast of forbidden knowledge that horror fans are hungry to devour including br br Stephen King s Ten Favorite Horror Novels or Short Stories learn what scares the master br Top Six Grossing Horror Movies of All Time in the United States which big shocks translated into big bucks br Top Ten Horror Themed Rock n Roll Songs maybe it is devil s music after all br And much much more br p Drawing on its authors extensive knowledge and contributions from the living legends and greatest names in the horror and dark fantasy genres i The Book of Lists Horror i is a scream an irresistible compendium of all things mysterious terrifying and gory and so entertaining it s scary p

The People's Almanac Presents the Book of Lists #3

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The Prodigy: A Biography of William James Sidis, America's Greatest Child Prodigy

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The Official Punk Rock Book of Lists

The Official Punk Rock Book of Lists features over of the funniest craziest lists from the Most Offensive Songs to Stupidest Band Names from Punk Sell Outs to Fashion Don ts culled from historical archives and generated by celebrity guests Contributors include rock stars and punk luminaries from members of Guns N Roses and the Ramones to Little Steven Van Zandt Nick Tosches Lenny Kaye Debbie Harry and every other big name punk from the last years of rock history Wicked caricatures by noted underground artist Cliff Mott of punk rock stars are peppered generously throughout the book which is already being hyped as the most fun music book of all time

The Psychic Healing Book

In this classic text with a new introduction by Wallace and Henkin the authors demystify such processes as grounding basic psychic meditations reading auras understanding the astral body and performing simple psychic readings and healings The book is based on the idea that psychic abilities are not just the province of arcane people who study esoteric doctrines but are the birthright of everyone Emphasizing practical techniques for self healing and healing others Wallace and Henkin share their own experiences with psychic healing and provide clear and straightforward exercises from beginning to advanced

Fear of Death: It's About Life, Actually. Let's Talk About It

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The future of Lily van Velsen San Francisco pearl doctor and gemologist looks assured given her recent engagement to her goodnatured colleague Alan Purdue But once she begins reading the diaries that recount many of her ancestors illicit romances and their relationships with demon lovers she is driven toward a dark destiny of her own in the form of an affair with artist Johnny Penthe and a yearning for the opium that can calm her spirit Only when thus purified can she cut the pearl of Celebes which carries a curse or blessing for its owner The perfect sphere inside a natural pearl is revealed by the skillful peeling away of the layers that hide it and this is also how it is with Wallace s haunting concoction of stories within stories in this unusually compelling first novel The daughter of Irving Wallace her previous efforts include The Prodigy a biography Itself like an opium dream the book hypnotically pulls the reader into its mysterious erotic core never taking the cheap or easy way Depicting the obsessions that drive people to fulfill or deny their hearts desires Wallace demonstrates that the answer can come in the shape of sacred or profane love or sometimes a rare blue pearl

The Little Book Of Lists

A mini version of the Book of Lists that includes some of the best quirkiest and most bizarre lists from its bigger brother

Life Lesson #21: Don't Pick Your Nose!

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