50 Psychology Classics: Who We Are, How We Think, What We Do: Insight and Inspiration from 50 Key Books

p With Psychology Classics Who We Are How We Think What We Do Insight and Inspiration Tom Butler Bowdon introduces readers to the great works that explore the very essence of what makes us who we are Spanning fifty books and hundreds of ideas Psychology Classics examines some of the most intriguing questions regarding cognitive development and behavioral motivations summarizing the myriad theories that psychologists have put forth to make sense of the human experience br br Butler Bowdon covers everything from humanism to psychoanalysis to the fundamental principles where theorists disagree like nature versus nurture and the existence of free will In this single book you will find Carl Jung Sigmund Freud Alfred Kinsey and the most significant contributors to modern psychological thought br br From the author of the bestselling Self Help Classics Success Classics and Spiritual Classics Psychology Classics will enrich your understanding of the human condition br br Includes br Alfred Adler Understanding Human Nature br Gavin Becker The Gift of Fear br Eric Berne Games People Play br Edward de Bono Lateral Thinking br Robert Bolton People Skills br Nathaniel Branden The Psychology of Self Esteem br Isabel Briggs Myers Gifts Differing Understanding Personality Type br Louann Brizendine The Female Brain br David D Burns Feeling Good The New Mood Therapy br Robert Cialdini Influence The Psychology of Persuasion br Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Creativity br Albert Ellis amp Robert Harper A Guide To Rational Living br Milton Erickson My Voice Will Go With You by Sidney Rosen br Eric Erikson Young Man Luther br Hans Eysenck Dimensions of Personality br Susan Forward Emotional Blackmail br Viktor Frankl The Will to Meaning br Anna Freud The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense br Sigmund Freud The Interpretation of Dreams br Howard Gardner Frames of Mind The Theory of Multiple Intelligences br Daniel Gilbert Stumbling on Happiness br Malcolm Gladwell Blink The Power of Thinking Without Thinking br Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence at Work br John M Gottman The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work br Harry Harlow The Nature of Love br Thomas A Harris I m OK You re OK br Eric Hoffer The True Believer Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements br Karen Horney Our Inner Conflicts br William James Principles of Psychology br Carl Jung The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious br Alfred Kinsey Sexual Behavior in the Human Female br Melanie Klein Envy and Gratitude br RD Laing The Divided Self br Abraham Maslow The Farther Reaches of Human Nature br Stanley Milgram Obedience To Authority br Anne Moir amp David Jessel Brainsex The Real Difference Between Men and Women br IP Pavlov Conditioned Reflexes br Fritz Perls Gestalt Therapy Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality br Jean Piaget The Language and Thought of the Child br Steven Pinker The Blank Slate The Modern Denial of Human Nature br VS Ramachandran Phantoms in the Brain br Carl Rogers On Becoming a Person br Oliver Sacks The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat br Barry Schwartz The Paradox of Choice Why More is Less br Martin Seligman Authentic Happiness br Gail Sheehy Passages Predictable Crises of Adult Life br BF Skinner Beyond Freedom amp Dignity br Douglas Stone Bruce Patton amp Sheila Heen Difficult Conversations br William Styron Darkness Visible br Robert E Thayer The Origin of Everyday Moods p

50 Success Classics: Winning Wisdom For Work & Life From 50 Landmark Books

Here is the first and only bite sized guide to of the most important and inspiring books that already have helped legions of readers unleash their potential and discover the secrets to success in work and life

50 Self-Help Classics: 50 Inspirational Books to Transform Your Life from Timeless Sages to Contemporary Gurus

Thousands of books have been written offering the secrets to personal fulfillment and happiness how to walk The Road Less Traveled Win Friends and Influence People or Awaken the Giant Within But which are the all time classics Which ones really can change your life br br Bringing you the essential ideas insights and techniques from legendary works from Lao Tzu to Benjamin Franklin to Paulo Coelho i Self Help Classics i is a unique guide to the great works of life transformation

50 Spiritual Classics: Timeless Wisdom From 50 Great Books of Inner Discovery, Enlightenment and Purpose

i Spiritual Classics i captures the diversity of life journeys that span centuries continents spiritual traditions and secular beliefs from the historical The Book of Chuang Tzu to modern insight from the Kabbalah from Kahlil Gibran s The Prophet to Eckhart Tolle s recent The Power of Now br br The first and only bite sized guide to the very best in spiritual writing this one of a kind collection includes personal memoirs and complelling biographies of such diverse figures as Gandhi Malcolm X and Black Elk Eastern philosophers and gurus including Krishnamurti Yogananda Chogyam Trungpa and Shunryu Suzuki and Western saints and mystics such as St Frances of Assisi Hermann Hesse and Simone Weil br br The last fifteen years have been a golden age in the genre of personal spitirual awakening with names such as Eckhart Tolle Neale Donald Walsch and James Redfield breathing new life into the literature i Spiritual Classics i showcases these newer works alongside traditional classics such as St Augustine s Confessions and Teresa of Avila s Interior Castle and conveys the great variety of spiritual experience In its commentaries of both the conventional classics as well as new writings destined to endure i Spiritual Classics i makes universal the human spiritual experience and will inspire spiritual seekers everywhere to begin their own adventure

50 Prosperity Classics: Attract It, Create It, Manage It, Share It

Looking to discover the secrets to wealth and plenty Find them now with Prosperity Classics Tom Butler Bowdon s Prosperity Classics Attract It Create It Manage It Share It Wisdom from the Most Valuable Books on Wealth Creation and Abundance is the first book to highlight landmark titles in the ever growing field of wealth creation Tom Butler Bowdon brings together fundamental works on entrepreneurship personal finance investing economics and philanthropy providing guidance and support in the quest to develop a millionaire mindset become a wealth creator make wise investment decisions and give a little back Rhoda Byrne s The Secret has led many people to discover this field of writing that goes back a century and Butler Bowdon presents the most influential of these books covering the psychological aspects of creating wealth the nuts and bolts of personal finance and the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and investing With this single book you can learn from the likes of Richard Branson Bill Gates Conrad Hilton Suze Orman and Donald Trump Prosperity Classics is about making your money work for you not only for the creation of wealth but as a means of attaining personal fulfillment and peace of mind

50 Philosophy Classics: Thinking, Being, Acting, Seeing: Profound Insights and Powerful Thinking from Fifty Key Books

For over years philosophy has been our best guide to the experience of being human and the true nature of reality br br From Aristotle Plato Epicurus Confucius Cicero and Heraclitus in ancient times to th century rationalists Descartes Leibniz and Spinoza from th century greats Jean Paul Sartre Jean Baudrillard and Simone de Beauvoir to contemporary thinkers Michael Sandel Peter Singer and Slavoj Zizek i Philosophy Classics i explores key writings that have shaped the discipline and had an impact on the real world br br Philosophy can no longer be confined to academia and i Philosophy Classics i shows how powerful it can be as a tool for opening our minds and helping us think Whether you are fascinated or daunted by the big questions of how to think how to be how to act and how to see this is the perfect introduction to some of humanity s greatest minds and their landmark books

Never Too Late to be Great

i Never Too Late to be Great i is about the power of thinking long Exposing the myth of overnight success author and motivational speaker Tom Butler Bowdon shows us that contrary to popular belief people companies products and ideas invariably need a long time to realise their potential br br br Highlighting the importance of the ten year rule as referred to in Malcolm Gladwell s i Outliers i which suggests that significant achievements rarely happen without a decade of intense work and practice in any given area i Never Too Late to be Great i offers inspiration i i for the impatient or disheartened to stay the course and gives reassurance to us all that we have more time than we think to achieve our goals

50 Politics Classics: Freedom Equality Power: Mind-Changing, World-Changing Ideas from Fifty Landmark Books

From Abraham Lincoln to Nelson Mandela and from Aristotle to George Orwell POLITICS CLASSICS distills the essence of the books pamphlets and speeches of the major leaders and great thinkers that drive real world change Spanning years left and right thinkers and doers Tom Butler Bowdon s new book covers activists war strategists visionary leaders economists philosophers of freedom feminists conservatives and environmentalists right up to contemporary classics such as The Spirit Level and No Logo br br Whether you consider yourself to be conservative liberal socialist or Marxist this book gives you greater understanding of the key ideas that matter in our politically charged times

50 Economics Classics: Your shortcut to the most important ideas on capitalism, finance, and the global economy

b Economics drives the modern world and shapes our lives but few of us feel we have time to engage with the breadth of ideas in the subject b i Economics Classics i is the smart person s guide to two centuries of discussion of finance capitalism and the global economy From Adam Smith s i Wealth of Nations i to Thomas Piketty s bestseller i Capital in the Twenty First Century i here are the great reads seminal ideas and famous texts clarified and illuminated for all

Your Way to Success: 50 Success Classics; 50 Self-Help Classics; 50 Prosperity Classics

A COMPREHENSIVE SUCCESS LIBRARY These unabridged guides to the literature of prosperity and motivation survey the all time classics giving you their key ideas insights and applications everything you need to know to start benefiting from these legendary works Discover the books that have already enriched millions With rags to riches stories of entrepreneurs such as Carnegie Buffett and Walton to master motivators like Zig Ziglar Brian Tracy and Napoleon Hill to contemporary business blockbusters including Jack Welch Spencer Johnson and Robert Kiyosaki these are the leaders and pioneers who have helped generations of listeners unleash their potential and discover the secrets of success PLUS the books that have already changed the lives of millions From the ancient teachings of Buddha and The Bhagavad Gita to the early American wisdom of Emerson and Thoreau to such contemporary giants as Wayne Dyer Joseph Campbell Daniel Goleman and Norman Vincent Peale and bestselling authors Deepak Chopra Phil McGraw Anthony Robbins Marianne Williamson these are the most influential thinkers and motivators spanning the world s religions cultures philosophies and centuries PLUS highlights from the key titles in the literature of prosperity with concise summaries of each book s main points how they came into being and what each offers the listener on their path toward a life of abundance This is a comprehensive resource for creating wealth managing financial assets and finally giving something back in return Tom Butler Bowdon is now recognized as an expert on the personal development field He has spent more than six years researching reading and analyzing hundreds of works to compile his guides to the self help and success classics A graduate of the London School of Economics and the University of Sydney he lives in works in both the UK and Australia and runs a self help success website at a target blank href http www butler bowdon com rel nofollow www butler bowdon com a br