Shifters (Shifters, #1)

The Ordinaries of the lost colony Earth are about to encounter something that will change their world forever br br After discovering that they are not only adopted but from another planet and gifted with abilities far beyond their imagination brother and sister Tanner and Ryland are forced to flee from authorities both human and alien In doing so they must learn who they are discover where they came from and fulfill a disturbing prophesy When a secret organization within the FBI specializing in the extermination of alien life on earth claim that Tanner and Ryland are fugitives and terrorists their family and friends are thrust into a conflict they never knew existed fighting for a people who are ungrateful for their help and facing foes that are powerful beyond imagination While running from the authorities with their mysterious new friend Kai Tanner and Ryland must determine who their real enemies are before it s too late Before the world our world is lost

Ordinaries (Shifters, #2)

Tanner and Ryland have managed to defeat the Shifter invasion and save Earth from the fate of the other colonies After uniting unlikely allies and protecting the world from the wrath of the alien Gian Council these young heroes find themselves held accountable for the destruction in Washington DC and imprisoned in a bunker under the White House Knowing this is only the first effort launched by the Shifter Council they must find a way to escape captivity leave the only home they ve known and travel across the universe to rescue Devon and the Ordinaries


With Ryland missing and presumed dead Tanner at only fifteen finds himself leading a multi planet revolution that could destroy everything he loves As the uprising strengthens Rian and his council show just how far they ll go to punish those who lend allegiance to the rebels Tanner must find a way to unite rival factions against an enemy that will do anything to destroy him br br Meanwhile Ryland tries to make sense of her new reality A friend a confidant a savior has led her to the truth Everything she thought she knew is a lie and now in order to save everyone she has to halt the rebellion she and Tanner started Even if it means she has to kill the leader her own brother As her abilities mature she finds herself more powerful than ever but at what cost br br With Ryland the girl he s come to love suddenly fighting against their revolution Kai s world and heart are thrown into chaos Kai knows he must win her back in order to accomplish anything How will he find the strength to bring them back together


alternate cover edition for ASIN B HK PCI br br Seventeen year old Zachary Sable is the new kid in town For him everything is new Family school food smells colors and breathing is a lot to get used to In an instant he has what he s always wanted a chance to prove his worth to Lucifer the lord of this world When given the simple task of distracting a human girl from her celestial guardians he knows a quick success will win him honor and glory br br Emma finds herself inescapably drawn to the mysterious beautiful intelligent and surprisingly inexperienced boy assigned to the seat next to her Although he seems interested in her she knows it won t last once he finds out about her family s sordid past The cancer that killed her mother also destroyed the church and the town She has to find the truth to save her family and everyone else in Inspiration br br As Zachary becomes intrigued by the girl he s charged with destroying Emma finds comfort with the new boy who provides a safe refuge from the town that s abandoned her br br Tight cliffhanging YA fiction studded with demigods and moral dilemmas br i Kirkus Reviews i br br Pershing s many small plot twists add up to a very entertaining read br i The Booklice Prize in Fiction i