Please Stop Laughing at Me... One Woman's Inspirational Story

In her poignant work Jodee Blanco tells how school became a frightening and painful place where threats humiliation and assault were as much a part of her daily experience as bubblegum and lip gloss were for others It is an unflinching look at what it means to be an outcast how even the most loving parents can get it wrong why schools fail and how bullying is both misunderstood and mishandled

Please Stop Laughing at Us... One Woman's Extraordinary Quest to Prevent School Bullying

A sequel to The New York Times bestselling memoir i Please Stop Laughing at Me i this groundbreaking investigation walks down the hallways of today s schools to find realistic solutions to the serious problem of bullying br Trusted advice on how educators parents and caregivers can prevent school bullying is weaved throughout the author s own survival story as well as narratives from other victims of intimidation br Exposing weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the American educational system this vital social critique shows how to help both bullies and victims change for the better why traditional punishment is counter productive how to inspire compassion in the classroom and how to discipline a child in ways that benefit self esteem

Bullied Kids Speak Out: We Survived--How You Can Too

True stories from New York Times bestselling author Jodee Blanco s tours br br Have you ever felt alone as if no one understands what you re going through and that no matter how hard you try you re scared things may never get better Do you wish your classmates would give you a break I felt that way often in school I was bullied and excluded for the same reason maybe you or someone you know has been simply for being different There were days when all I wanted was to stay in my room Back then I would have given almost anything to meet the kids you re going to meet here br br Autumn dreaded recess Joshua was afraid to trust anyone at home or at school Taylor had lots of friends until her BFF turned them all against her Gabe s online gaming world was turned upside down when other players started humiliating him A teacher was bullying Brianna Eric s Asperger s made him the butt of cruel jokes The cool crowd beat up Tiffany and videotaped it for YouTube Zach got punched and stomped on because of his weight Trinity felt invisible Aamina was harassed because of her family s religious beliefs Riley had to live with the soul crushing weight of mental illness as well as the other students who jeered at her plight br br These are some of the brave teens who will be talking to you in this book They and others they inspired found the courage to stand up to their bullies and reclaim their lives and you ll hear exactly how they did it br br You re not alone anymore

Please Stop Laughing at Me: One Woman's Inspirational True Story

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The Complete Guide to Book Publicity

Written by one of the country s leading publicists this is an authoritative in depth guide to the unique form of publicity needed to successfully launch a book Step by step readers are coached through the stages of a book s publicity lifecycle The nuts and bolts of book promotion are covered for fiction nonfiction hardcover trade mass market and trade paperbacks A thorough publicity toolbox of sample press kits br br Allworth Press an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing publishes a broad range of books on the visual and performing arts with emphasis on the business of art Our titles cover subjects such as graphic design theater branding fine art photography interior design writing acting film how to start careers business and legal forms business practices and more While we don t aspire to publish a i New York Times i bestseller or a national bestseller we are deeply committed to quality books that help creative professionals succeed and thrive We often publish in areas overlooked by other publishers and welcome the author whose expertise can help our audience of readers

The Evolving Woman

Are you ashamed to tell your friends and family how your partner really treats you Do you walk on eggshells around him for fear he ll lose his temper Do you wonder what you did to make him stop caring br If you answered yes to these questions you know all too well how an abusive partner can diminish your soul Whether you are being physically hurt or emotion ally pummeled with angry words and insults this book will offer you hope br Bestselling novelist Catherine Lanigan forgoes her fictional heroines to bring you the personal stories of real life heroines women from all races religions and walks of life who drew upon their faith fortitude and depth of character to break free of the abuse that left them shattered physically emotionally and spiritually br Each heart rending story chronicles the tears triumphs and challenges these women faced in their evolution from victim to victor Their experiences extend a lite line to all abused women by revealing how to identify a potential abuser how to rec ognize when someone you love is involved in a codependent relationship and where to go to find professional help to break the cycle of abuse br br A true testament to the resiliency of women their stories will shock you enrage you inspire you and most of all change you Let the evolution begin

Both of Us: My Life with Farrah

RYAN O NEAL AND FARRAH FAWCETT br One of the most storied love affairs in Hollywood history their romance has captivated fans and media alike for more than three decades Fans of each other from afar Ryan and Farrah met through her husband Lee Majors and fell passionately in love Soon however reality threatened their happiness and they struggled with some serious matters including the disintegration of Farrah s marriage Ryan s troubled relationship with his daughter Tatum and son Griffin mismatched career trajectories and raising their young son Redmond all leading Ryan and Farrah to an inevitable split in br Ryan fought to create a life on his own but never stopped longing for Farrah Older and wiser he and Farrah found their way back to each other and were excited to start a new life together But their bliss was cut short when Farrah was diagnosed with cancer and passed away just three years later Ryan s deep love for Farrah and his devotion to preserving her memory are evident in i Both of Us i