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Title:Middlemarch (texte entier) (French Edition)
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Author:George Eliot
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Middlemarch (texte entier) (French Edition) by George Eliot

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Middlemarch (texte entier) (French Edition) Cette etude de la vie de province se d roule dans les ann es autour de quatre femmes dans une petite ville des Midlands en Angleterre Au d but du roman elles ne sont que quatre jeunes filles l ge de se marier ans chacune a une perception diff rente de ce que le mariage leur offrira C est dire ce que les hommes en surnombre leur offriront un homme studieux dans sa cinquantaine un landlord jeune et distingu un artiste intellectuel un m decin id aliste un jeune homme frivole qui doit tudier mais qui pr f re la vie de fermier un pasteur doux et aimable Et leur parents oncles autres qui forment avec quelques pasteurs d observances diverses et un banquier l lite de la ville de Middlemarch A travers des probl mes d ordre g n ral le r le de la g rance des grandes prori t s terriennes les habitations pauvres des gens du peuple un nouvel h pital fonder l arriv e imminente du chemin de fer qui va traverser les propriet s les lections et les reformes politiques une societ en mouvement Si c est la vie des hommes qui nourrit l histoire c est les motions et les agissements des femmes qui donnent la force au r cit et qui en font une analyse pas du tout superficielle des relations hommes femmes Relations qui sont loin de n tre que de lune et de rose mais qui traversent des fortes orages avec pas mal de peines de coeur Ce n est que la finale qui laisse apercevoir une sorte de happy end Le livre est int ressant d s le d but les tensions matrimoniales et sociales viennent tout naturellement dans l histoire surtout vers la fin quand un v nement qui vaut un thriller vient pr cipiter les v nements Toutefois le r cit reste tr s r aliste tr s apr s nature avec plus de s rieux que d humour Tellement s rieux que l on a tendance d oublier qu il s agit de femmes encore adolescentes ans Les notes aident placer les faits historiques dans leur contexte Gr ce au forme originale de feuilleton chacun des chapitres forme une entit ce qui permet d interompre et reprendre la lecture sans embarras


b We believe in her as in a woman we might providentially meet some fine day when we should find ourselves doubting of the immortality of the soul b br br wrote Henry James of Dorothea Brooke who shares with the young doctor Tertius Lydgate not only a central role in i Middlemarch i but also a fervent conviction that life should be heroic br br By the time the novel appeared to tremendous popular and critical acclaim in George Eliot was recognized as England s finest living novelist It was her ambition to create a world and portray a whole community tradespeople middle classes country gentry in the rising provincial town of Middlemarch i circa i Vast and crowded rich in narrative irony and suspense i Middlemarch i is richer still in character in its sense of how individual destinies are shaped by and shape the community and in the great art that enlarges the reader s sympathy and imagination It is truly as Virginia Woolf famously remarked one of the few English novels written for grown up people

Silas Marner

Embittered by a false accusation disappointed in friendship and love the weaver Silas Marner retreats into a long twilight life alone with his loom and his gold Silas hoards a treasure that kills his spirit until fate steals it from him and replaces it with a golden haired founding child Where she came from who her parents were and who really stole the gold are the secrets that permeate this moving tale of guilt and innocence A moral allegory of the redemptive power of love it is also a finely drawn picture of early nineteenth century England in the days when spinning wheels hummed busily in the farmhouses and of a simple way of life that was soon to disappear

The Mill on the Floss

i If life had no love in it what else was there for Maggie i br br Brought up at Dorlcote Mill Maggie Tulliver worships her brother Tom and is desperate to win the approval of her parents but her passionate wayward nature and her fierce intelligence bring her into constant conflict with her family As she reaches adulthood the clash between their expectations and her desires is painfully played out as she finds herself torn between her relationships with three very different men her proud and stubborn brother a close friend who is also the son of her family s worst enemy and a charismatic but dangerous suitor With its poignant portrayal of sibling relationships The Mill on the Floss is considered George Eliot s most autobiographical novel it is also one of her most powerful and moving br br In this edition writer and critic A S Byatt provides full explanatory notes and an introduction relating i Mill on the Floss i to George Eliot s own life and times br br Edited with an introduction and notes by A S BYATT

Daniel Deronda

George Eliot s final novel and her most ambitious work b Daniel Deronda b contrasts the moral laxity of the British aristocracy with the dedicated fervor of Jewish nationalists Crushed by a loveless marriage to the cruel and arrogant Grandcourt Gwendolen Harleth seeks salvation in the deeply spiritual and altruistic Daniel Deronda But Deronda profoundly affected by the discovery of his Jewish ancestry is ultimately too committed to his own cultural awakening to save Gwendolen from despair br br This Modern Library Paperback Classic is set from the Cabinet Edition

Adam Bede

Hailed for its sympathetic and accurate rendering of nineteenth century English pastoral life i Adam Bede i was George Eliot s first full length novel and a bestseller from the moment of publication Eliot herself called it a country story full of the breath of cows and scent of hay In the early days of the Napoleonic Wars Adam Bede is hardworking carpenter with enormous physical strength and considerable force of will But Adam has a single flaw his blind love of Hetty Sorrel a vain shallow dairymaid who spurns Adam but is easily seduced by the local squire The bitter and tragic consequences of her actions shake the very foundations of their serene rural community br br While i Adam Bede i represents a timeless story of seduction and betrayal it is also a deeper impassioned meditation on the irrevocable consequences of human actions and on moral growth and redemption through suffering


One of George Eliot s most ambitious and imaginative novels Romola is set in Renaissance Florence during the turbulent years following the expulsion of the powerful Medici family during which the zealous religious reformer Savonarola rose to control the city At its heart is Romola the devoted daughter of a blind scholar married to the clever but ultimately treacherous Tito whose duplicity in both love and politics threatens to destroy everything she values and she must break away to find her own path in life Described by Eliot as written with my best blood the story of Romola s intellectual and spiritual awakening is a compelling portrayal of a Utopian heroine played out against a turbulent historical backdrop

Felix Holt: The Radical

When the young nobleman Harold Transome returns to England from the colonies with a self made fortune he scandalizes the town of Treby Magna with his decision to stand for Parliament as a Radical But after the idealistic Felix Holt also returns to the town the difference between Harold s opportunistic values and Holt s profound beliefs becomes apparent Forthright brusque and driven by a firm desire to educate the working class Felix is at first viewed with suspicion by many including the elegant but vain Esther Lyon the daughter of the local clergyman As she discovers however his blunt words conceal both passion and deep integrity Soon the romantic and over refined Esther finds herself overwhelmed by a heart wrenching decision whether to choose the wealthy Transome as a husband or the impoverished but honest Felix Holt

Scenes of Clerical Life

i My only merit must lie in the faithfulness with which I represent to you the humble experience of an ordinary fellow mortal i br br When i Scenes of Clerical Life i George Eliot s first novel was published anonymously in i Blackwood s Edinburgh Magazine i in it was immediately recognized in the words of i Saturday Review i as the production of a peculiar and remarkable writer The first readers including Dickens and Thackeray were struck by its humorous irony the truthfulness of its presentation of the lives of ordinary men and women and its compassionate acceptance of human weakness br br The three stories that make up the i Scenes i The Sad Fortunes of the Reverend Amos Barton Mr Gilfil s Love Story and Janet s Repentance foreshadow George Eliot s major work and their success gave her the confidence to become one of the greatest English novelists

The Lifted Veil

b Horror was my familiar b br br Published the same year as her first novel i Adam Bede i this overlooked work displays the gifts for which George Eliot would become famous gritty realism psychological insight and idealistic moralizing It is unique from all her other writing however in that it represents the only time she ever used a first person narrator and it is the only time she wrote about the supernatural br br The tale of a man who is incapacitated by visions of the future and the cacophony of overheard thoughts and yet who can t help trying to subvert his vividly glimpsed destiny it is easy to read i The Lifted Veil i as being autobiographically revealing of Eliot s sensitivity to public opinion and her awareness that her days concealed behind a pseudonym were doomed to a tragic unveiling as indeed came to pass soon after this novella s publication But it is easier still to read the story as the exciting and genuine precursor of a moody new form as well as an absorbing early masterpiece of suspense br br b The Art of The Novella Series br br b Too short to be a novel too long to be a short story the novella is generally unrecognized by academics and publishers Nonetheless it is a form beloved and practiced by literature s greatest writers In the Art Of The Novella series Melville House celebrates this renegade art form and its practitioners with titles that are in many instances presented in book form for the first time

Middlemarch/Silas Marner/Amos Barton

Three masterpieces from one of the Victorian era s most celebrated feminist novelists i Middlemarch i Eliot s most famous work paints a rich and complex portrait of English society In i Silas Marner i an embittered man retreats from the outside world thinking only of work and money Then his wealth is stolen and a young foundling comes into his life and changes everything Also included the short story Amos Barton br

Daniel Deronda, Scenes of Clerical Life, Felix Holt: The Radical, Middlemarch, Middlemarch/Silas Marner/Amos Barton, Silas Marner, The Mill on the Floss, The Lifted Veil, Romola, Adam Bede