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Geology by Frank H.T. Rhodes

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Geology An overview of the geology of the Earth including its relation to the rest of the universe the rocks and minerals of which it is made and the effects of glaciers gravity and other forces on the Earth


This introduction to the life of the past as revealed through fossils includes br br Descriptions of the typical plants and animals of major geological eras br Maps showing where fossils can be found br The history of the development of life on earth br br Full color illustrations and concise information make this an invaluable and enjoyable guide to a fascinating subject


An overview of the geology of the Earth including its relation to the rest of the universe the rocks and minerals of which it is made and the effects of glaciers gravity and other forces on the Earth

Earth: A Tenant's Manual

It s impossible to grasp the whole planet or integrate all the descriptions of it But because we live here we have to try This is not just an artistic compulsion or an existential yearning still less an academic exercise It s a survival issue This is the only planet we have We re stuck here and we don t own the place it would be the height of arrogance to assume that we do We re tenants here not owners but we re tenants with hope for a long term tenancy We want to extend our lease just as far as we can from Earth A Tenant s Manual br br In Earth A Tenant s Manual the distinguished geologist Frank H T Rhodes President Emeritus of Cornell University provides a sweeping accessible and deeply informed guide to the home we all share showing us how we might best preserve the Earth s livability for ourselves and future generations br br Rhodes begins by setting the scene for our active planet and explaining how its location and composition determine how the Earth works and why it teems with life He emphasizes the changes that are of concern to us today from earthquakes to climate change and the clashes over the energy resources needed for the Earth s exploding population He concludes with an extended exploration of humanity s prospects on a complex protean and ultimately finite world br br It is not a question of whether the planet is sustainable the challenge facing life on Earth and the life of the Earth is whether an expanding and high consumption species like ours is sustainable Only new resources new priorities new policies and most of all new knowledge can reverse the damage that humanity is doing to our home and ourselves A sustainable human future Rhodes concludes in this eloquent sobering but ultimately optimistic book will require a sense of responsible stewardship for we are not owners of this planet we are tenants br br Surveying the systems large and small that govern Earth s processes and influence its changes Rhodes addresses the negative consequences of human activities for the health of its regulatory systems but offers practical suggestions as to how we might effect repairs or at least limit further damage to our home

The Creation Of The Future: The Role Of The American University

Is the university a dinosaur huge lumbering endearing in its own way yet unsuited to today s world Is it a thing of the past unnecessary in an age of the Internet and online learning In a book likely to provoke people who are loyal to the ideal of the university as well as those who foresee its demise Frank H T Rhodes acknowledges that the university is an imperfect institution but argues that it plays an essential role in modern society In the process he articulates strong opinions on a range of difficult issues The Creation of the Future is no defense or promotion of the status quo Focusing on American research universities Rhodes makes the case that they are an irreplaceable resource quite literally a national and international treasure whose value must be preserved through judicious renewal and reform beginning with a rededication to teaching as a moral vocation Rhodes discusses where the research university is today and how it got here as well as where it must go in the future In the process he addresses a wide range of contemporary challenges facing the institution including why universities can no longer be ivory towers why post tenure review of professors is desirable whether grading standards have become too lax why unionization of graduate students is inappropriate why affirmative action is necessary how governance and leadership can be improved how to maintain a sense of commitment to the university in the face of increasing disciplinary specialization why faculty must affirm that university membership has not only its privileges but also its price what should and should not be done to control the rapid rise in tuition whether curricula of professional schools should be more heavily weighted toward the liberal arts why service is a social obligation of all universities not just land grant institutions why research is vital to effective teaching His eighteen year tenure as president of Cornell University gives Rhodes a unique perspective on a system he finds both invaluable and in need of change Although he is an enthusiastic advocate he pulls no punches in recommending sweeping changes The greatest catastrophe facing universities today he writes is loss of community Without community knowledge becomes idiosyncratic The lone learner studying in isolation is vulnerable to narrowness dogmatism and untested assumption pursued in community learning will be expansive and informed contested by opposing interpretations leavened by differing experience and refined by alternative viewpoints In championing a new relevance for the American research university Rhodes argues for renewal through the application of old virtues to new realities Campus culture he says must embrace the human experience in all its richness breadth and ambiguity if it is to survive and thrive

Language of the Earth

Man s complex relationship to planet Earth is explored in this new edition of the landmark literary anthology Language of the Earth This volume provides a portrait of the planet as experienced not just by scientists but by artists aviators poets philosophers novelists historians and sociologists as well It seeks to represent the human experience over the centuries covering a span of years At the same time Language of the Earth reflects the planet s extraordinary diversity from dripping mines and caves to the high deserts of the Andes the Antarctic ice sheet and even the surface of the moon Its comprehensive approach bridges the gap between science and the humanities Arranged in four distinct parts with writings from different authors Language of the Earth surveys the richness beauty and sustainability of the planet


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Conodont Paleozoology

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Successful Fund Raising For Higher Education: The Advancement Of Learning (American Council On Education Oryx Press Series On Higher Education)

Successful Fund Raising is a compilation of essays by university presidents and chief advancement officers who share their fundraising successes and demonstrate the importance of a team effort among the campus chief executive officer the trustees and the senior staff officer in charge of the advancement program The authors discuss how the advancement function is integrated into an institution s ongoing planning process as well as the respective roles and responsibilities of key players in this process The contributing authors also share specific information about their advancement programs including their goals strategies and tactics The successful programs covered in this book will serve as valuable models for institutions that are developing and refining their own funding activities

Origins: The Search for Our Prehistoric Past

Fossils are the fragments from which piece by laborious piece the great mosaic of the history of life has been constructed Here and there we can supplement these meager scraps by the use of biochemical markers or geochemical signatures that add useful information but even with such additional help our reconstructions and our models of descent are often tentative For the fossil record is as we have seen as biased as it is incomplete But fragmentary selective and biased though it is the fossil record with all its imperfections is still a treasure Though whole chapters are missing many pages lost and the earliest pages so damaged as to be as yet virtually unreadable this the greatest biography of all is one in whose closing pages we find ourselves from em Origins em br br In em Origins em Frank H T Rhodes explores the origin and evolution of living things the changing environments in which they have developed and the challenges we now face on an increasingly crowded and polluted planet Rhodes argues that the future well being of our burgeoning population depends in no small part on our understanding of life s past its long and slow development and its intricate interdependencies br br Rhodes s accessible and extensively illustrated treatment of the origins narrative describes the nature of the search for prehistoric life the significance of geologic time the origin of life the emergence and spread of flora and fauna the evolution of primates and the emergence of modern humans

The Evolution of Life

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Fossils, Conodont Paleozoology, Earth: A Tenant's Manual, The Creation Of The Future: The Role Of The American University, Successful Fund Raising For Higher Education: The Advancement Of Learning (American Council On Education Oryx Press Series On Higher Education), Origins: The Search for Our Prehistoric Past, Geology, Evolution, The Evolution of Life, Language of the Earth