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Title:Suite Francaise (Original French Edition)
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Irène Némirovsky
Publisher:French & European Pubns
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Number of Pages:573
Category:Historical fiction, France, World war ii, War, Historical

Suite Francaise (Original French Edition) by Irène Némirovsky

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Suite Francaise (Original French Edition) Celebrated in pre WWII France for her bestselling fiction the Jewish Russian born N mirovsky was shipped to Auschwitz in the summer of months after this long lost masterwork was composed N mirovsky a convert to Catholicism began a planned five novel cycle as Nazi forces overran northern France in This gripping suite collecting the first two unpolished but wondrously literary sections of a work cut short have surfaced more than six decades after her death The first Storm in June chronicles the connecting lives of a disparate clutch of Parisians among them a snobbish author a venal banker a noble priest shepherding churlish orphans a foppish aesthete and a loving lower class couple all fleeing city comforts for the chaotic countryside mere hours ahead of the advancing Germans The second Dolce set in in a farming village under German occupation tells how peasant farmers their pretty daughters and petit bourgeois collaborationists coexisted with their Nazi rulers In a workbook entry penned just weeks before her arrest N mirovsky noted that her goal was to describe daily life the emotional life and especially the comedy it provides This heroic work does just that by focusing with compassion and clarity on individual human dramas

Suite Française

b The first two stories of a masterwork once thought lost written by a pre WWII bestselling author who was deported to Auschwitz and died before her work could be completed b br br By the early l s when Ukrainian born Ir ne N mirovsky began working on what would become Suite Fran aise the first two parts of a planned five part novel she was already a highly successful writer living in Paris But she was also a Jew and in she was arrested and deported to Auschwitz a month later she was dead at the age of thirty nine Two years earlier living in a small village in central France where she her husband and their two small daughters had fled in a vain attempt to elude the Nazis she d begun her novel a luminous portrayal of a human drama in which she herself would become a victim When she was arrested she had completed two parts of the epic the handwritten manuscripts of which were hidden in a suitcase that her daughters would take with them into hiding and eventually into freedom Sixty four years later at long last we can read N mirovsky s literary masterpiece br br The first part A Storm in June opens in the chaos of the massive exodus from Paris on the eve of the Nazi invasion during which several families and individuals are thrown together under circumstances beyond their control They share nothing but the harsh demands of survival some trying to maintain lives of privilege others struggling simply to preserve their lives but soon all together they will be forced to face the awful exigencies of physical and emotional displacement and the annihilation of the world they know In the second part Dolce we enter the increasingly complex life of a German occupied provincial village Coexisting uneasily with the soldiers billeted among them the villagers from aristocrats to shopkeepers to peasants cope as best they can Some choose resistance others collaboration and as their community is transformed by these acts the lives of these these men and women reveal nothing less than the very essence of humanity br br Suite Fran aise is a singularly piercing evocation at once subtle and severe deeply compassionate and fiercely ironic of life and death in occupied France and a brilliant profoundly moving work of art

Fire in the Blood

From the celebrated author of the international bestseller i Suite Fran aise i a newly discovered novel a story of passion and long kept secrets set against the background of a rural French village in the years before World War II br br Written in i Fire in the Blood i only now assembled in its entirety teems with the intertwined lives of an insular French village in the years before the war when peace was less important as a political state than as a coveted personal condition the untroubled pinnacle of happiness At the center of the novel is Silvio who has returned to this small town after years away As his narration unfolds we are given an intimate picture of the loves and infidelities the scandals the youthful ardor and regrets of age that tie Silvio to the long guarded secrets of the past br br br i From the Trade Paperback edition i

All Our Worldly Goods

In haunting ways this gorgeous novel prefigures Ir ne N mirovsky s masterpiece i Suite Fran aise i Set in France between and and first published in France in five years after the author s death i All Our Worldly Goods i is a gripping story of war family life and star crossed lovers Pierre and Agnes marry for love against the wishes of his parents and his grandfather the tyrannical family patriarch Their marriage provokes a family feud that cascades down the generations This brilliant novel is full of drama heartbreak and the telling observations that have made N mirovsky s work so beloved and admired

El baile

Autora de la reci n descubierta i Suite francesa i publicada p stumamente y aclamada por la cr tica y el p blico de media Europa Ir ne N mirovsky mostr desde muy joven un talento excepcional Con veintisiete a os de edad N mirovsky salt a la fama con esta breve joya literaria sobre la venganza de una adolescente editada en Francia en y traducida al castellano en br Instalados en un lujoso piso de Par s los Kampf poseen todo lo que el dinero puede comprar excepto lo m s dif cil el reconocimiento de la alta sociedad francesa As pues con el prop sito de obtener el codiciado premio preparan un gran baile para doscientos invitados un magno acontecimiento social que para el se or y la se ora Kampf supondr respectivamente una excelente inversi n y la so ada apoteosis mundana Pero en casa de los Kampf no todos comparten el mismo entusiasmo Herida en su orgullo por la prohibici n materna de asistir al gape Antoinette de catorce a os observa con amargura los agitados preparativos del baile y siente que ha llegado la ocasi n de enfrentarse a su madre afirmarse a s misma y realizar su propia entrada en la edad adulta Con un breve gesto tan impulsivo como espont neo provoca una situaci n absurda que culminar en un final dram tico y revelador br Dotada de una afilada percepci n psicol gica N mirovsky condensa en pocas p ginas una historia donde la dif cil relaci n madre hija y el ansia de reconocimiento social se funden con la pasi n por la vida y la b squeda de la felicidad Una obra indispensable de uno de los grandes escritores del siglo XX

David Golder

In year old Ir ne N mirovsky shot to fame in France with the publication of her first novel b David Golder b At the time only the most prescient would have predicted the events that led to her extraordinary final novel b Suite Fran aise b i i and her death at Auschwitz Yet the clues are there in this astonishingly mature story of an elderly Jewish businessman who has sold his soul br br Golder is a superb creation Born into poverty on the Black Sea he has clawed his way to fabulous wealth by speculating on gold and oil When the novel opens he is at work in his magnificent Parisian apartment while his wife and beloved daughter Joy spend his money at their villa in Biarritz But Golder s security is fragile For years he has defended his business interests from cut throat competitors Now his health is beginning to show the strain As his body betrays him so too do his wife and child leaving him to decide which to pursue revenge or altruism br br Available for the first time since b David Golder b i i is a page turningly chilling and brilliant portrait of the frenzied capitalism of the s and a universal parable about the mirage of wealth

The Wine of Solitude

Introspective intense and poignant i The Wine of Solitude i is the most autobiographical of all Ir ne N mirovsky s novels now available in English for the first time br br br Imbued with melancholy and regret it explores the troubled relationship between a young girl her distant self absorbed mother and her mother s lover Max We follow the family through the Great War and the Russian Revolution as the young H l ne grows from a dreamy unhappy child into an angry young woman br br br br br br Through hot summers in a fictionalised Kiev N mirovsky s own birthplace and the cruel winters of St Petersburg the would be writer H l ne blossoms despite her mother s neglect into a clear eyed observer of the life around her i The Wine of Solitude i is a powerful tale telling less of the end of innocence than of disillusionment the story of an upbringing that produces a young woman as hard as a diamond prepared to wreak a shattering revenge on her mother


b From the author of the bestselling i Suite Fran aise i b br br In a French courtroom the trial of a woman is taking place Gladys Eysenach is no longer young but she is still beautiful elegant cold She is accused of shooting dead her much younger lover As the witnesses take the stand and the case unfolds Gladys relives fragments of her past her childhood her absent father her marriage her turbulent relationship with her daughter her decline and then the final irrevocable act With the depth of insight and pitiless compassion we have come to expect from the author of i Suite Fran aise i Ir ne N mirovsky shows us the soul of a desperate woman obsessed with her lost youth

Dimanche and Other Stories

b A never before translated collection by the bestselling author of b i b Suite Fran aise b br i br Written between and these ten gem like stories mine the same terrain of N mirovsky s bestselling novel i Suite Fran aise i a keen eye for the details of social class the tensions between mothers and daughters husbands and wives the manners and mannerisms of the French bourgeoisie questions of religion and personal identity Moving from the drawing rooms of pre war Paris to the lives of men and women in wartime France here we find the beautiful work of a writer at the height of her tragically short career br br Contents br Dimanche Sunday br Les rivages heureux Those happy shores br Liens du sang Flesh and blood br Fraternite Brotherhood br La femme de don Juan Don Juan s wife br Le sortile ge The spell br Le spectateur The spectator br Monsieur Rose Mr Rose br La confidente The confidante br L inconnu The unknown soldier

David Golder, The Ball, Snow in Autumn, The Courilof Affair

Readers everywhere were introduced to the work of Ir ne N mirovsky through the publication of her long lost masterpiece i Suite Fran aise i But i Suite Fran aise i was only the coda to the brief yet remarkably prolific career of this nearly forgotten magnificent novelist Here in one volume are four of N mirovsky s other novels all of them newly translated by the award winning Sandra Smith and all except DAVID GOLDER available in English for the first time br br br br DAVID GOLDER is the novel that established N irovsky s reputation in France in when she was twenty six It is a novel about greed and lonliness the story of a self made business man once wealthy now suffering a breakdown as he nears the lonely end of his life THE COURILOF AFFAIR tells the story of a Russian revolutionary living out his last days and his recollections of his first infamous assassination Also included are two short gemlike novels THE BALL a pointed exploration of adolescence and the obsession with status among the bourgeoisie and SNOW IN AUTUMN an evocative tale of White Russian migr s in Paris after the Russian Revolution br br br br Introduced by celebrated novelist Claire Messud this collection of four spellbinding novels offers the same storytelling mastery powerful clarity of language and empathic grasp of human behavior that would give shape to i Suite Fran aise i br br Book Jacket Status Jacketed

The Dogs and the Wolves

This wonderful panoramic novel goes right back to Ir ne N mirovsky s roots sweeping the reader from the Jewish quarter of a Ukrainian city in the early years of the twentieth century to Paris in the twenties and thirties and back again to eastern Europe in a snowy winter on the eve of war br br At its heart is a tragic love between Ada from the poor Jewish quarter and Harry son of a rich financier The dogs are the comfortable assimilated rich Jews up on the hill while the wolves their distant cousins struggle below in the ghetto Ada grows up motherless looked after first by her father then by an indomitable social climbing aunt and eventually moves to Paris with her aunt s family all of them looking for a brighter future Ada makes a living in Paris as an artist painting scenes from the world she has left behind Her cousin Ben intense and ferociously intelligent has loved her for years they share memories together they survived the terrible pogroms of their childhood and he presses her to marry him But Harry Sinner is also in Paris moving in exclusive circles and infatuated with the daughter of a wealthy gentile banker One day he buys two paintings which remind him of his past and the course of Ada s life changes once more br br But as recession and revolutions shake previously rich regimes even a solid international bank can find itself over extended and vulnerable to greed Ben now working for the Sinner family bank in Paris is well placed to take the kind of risks he could only dream of in the past And as summer draws to a close Ada s world is disintegrating and she is faced with a fateful decision br br i The Dogs and the Wolves i painted on a broad vibrant canvas with N mirovsky s acute eye for small cruelties and everyday sacrifice is an achingly poignant novel about blood and belonging dreams and desire

The Wine of Solitude, All Our Worldly Goods, The Dogs and the Wolves, Fire in the Blood, David Golder, The Ball, Snow in Autumn, The Courilof Affair, Jezebel, El baile, Suite Française, Dimanche and Other Stories, David Golder