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Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, #1)

Eragon and the fledgling dragon must navigate the dangerous terrain and dark enemies of an empire ruled by a king whose evil knows no bounds Can Eragon take up the mantle of the legendary Dragon Riders br br When Eragon finds a polished blue stone in the forest he thinks it is the lucky discovery of a poor farm boy perhaps it will buy his family meat for the winter But when the stone brings a dragon hatchling Eragon realizes he has stumbled upon a legacy nearly as old as the Empire itself Overnight his simple life is shattered and he is thrust into a perilous new world of destiny magic and power With only an ancient sword and the advice of an old storyteller for guidance Eragon and the fledgling dragon must navigate the dangerous terrain and dark enemies of an Empire ruled by a king whose evil knows no bounds Can Eragon take up the mantle of the legendary Dragon Riders The fate of the Empire may rest in his hands

Eldest (The Inheritance Cycle, #2)

Darkness falls despair abounds evil reigns Eragon and his dragon Saphira have just saved the rebel state from destruction by the mighty forces of King Galbatorix cruel ruler of the Empire Now Eragon must travel to Ellesmera land of the elves for further training in the skills of the Dragon Rider Ages br br Darkness falls despair abounds evil reigns br br Eragon and his dragon Saphira have just saved the rebel state from destruction by the mighty forces of King Galbatorix cruel ruler of the Empire Now Eragon must travel to Ellesmera land of the elves for further training in the skills of the Dragon Rider magic and swordsmanship Soon he is on the journey of a lifetime his eyes open to awe inspring new places and people his days filled with fresh adventure But chaos and betrayal plague him at every turn and nothing is what it seems Before long Eragon doesn t know whom he can trust br br Meanwhile his cousin Roran must fight a new battle one that might put Eragon in even graver danger br br Will the king s dark hand strangle all resistance Eragon may not escape with even his life

Brisingr (The Inheritance Cycle, #3)

Oaths sworn loyalties tested forces collide br br It s been only months since Eragon first uttered brisingr an ancient language term for fire Since then he s not only learned to create magic with words he s been challenged to his very core Following the colossal battle against the Empires warriors on the Burning Plains Eragon and his dragon Saphira have narrowly escaped with their lives Still there is more adventure at hand for the Rider and his dragon as Eragon finds himself bound by a tangle of promises he may not be able to keep br br First is Eragon s oath to his cousin Roran to help rescue Roran s beloved from King Galbatorix s clutches But Eragon owes his loyalty to others too The Varden are in desperate need of his talents and strength as are the elves and dwarves When unrest claims the rebels and danger strikes from every corner Eragon must make choices choices that will take him across the Empire and beyond choices that may lead to unimagined sacrifice br br Eragon is the greatest hope to rid the land of tyranny Can this once simple farm boy unite the rebel forces and defeat the king br br

The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1)

i There are only two reasons a non seer would see a spirit on St Mark s Eve Neeve said Either you re his true love or you killed him i br br It is freezing in the churchyard even before the dead arrive br br Every year Blue Sargent stands next to her clairvoyant mother as the soon to be dead walk past Blue herself never sees them not until this year when a boy emerges from the dark and speaks directly to her br br His name is Gansey and Blue soon discovers that he is a rich student at Aglionby the local private school Blue has a policy of staying away from Aglionby boys Known as Raven Boys they can only mean trouble br br But Blue is drawn to Gansey in a way she can t entirely explain He has it all family money good looks devoted friends but he s looking for much more than that He is on a quest that has encompassed three other Raven Boys Adam the scholarship student who resents all the privilege around him Ronan the fierce soul who ranges from anger to despair and Noah the taciturn watcher of the four who notices many things but says very little br br For as long as she can remember Blue has been warned that she will cause her true love to die She never thought this would be a problem But now as her life becomes caught up in the strange and sinister world of the Raven Boys she s not so sure anymore br br b From Maggie Stiefvater the bestselling and acclaimed author of the i Shiver i trilogy and i The Scorpio Races i comes a spellbinding new series where the inevitability of death and the nature of love lead us to a place we ve never been before b

Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle, #4)

It began with i Eragon i It ends with i Inheritance i br br Not so very long ago Eragon Shadeslayer Dragon Rider was nothing more than a poor farm boy and his dragon Saphira only a blue stone in the forest Now the fate of an entire civilization rests on their shoulders br br Long months of training and battle have brought victories and hope but they have also brought heartbreaking loss And still the real battle lies ahead they must confront Galbatorix When they do they will have to be strong enough to defeat him And if i they i cannot no one can There will be no second chance br br The Rider and his dragon have come further than anyone dared to hope But can they topple the evil king and restore justice to Alaga sia And if so at what cost br br This is the spellbinding conclusion to Christopher Paolini s worldwide bestselling Inheritance cycle br br

A Wizard of Earthsea (Earthsea Cycle, #1)

Ged the greatest sorcerer in all Earthsea was called Sparrowhawk in his reckless youth br br Hungry for power and knowledge Sparrowhawk tampered with long held secrets and loosed a terrible shadow upon the world This is the tale of his testing how he mastered the mighty words of power tamed an ancient dragon and crossed death s threshold to restore the balance

Cycle of the Werewolf

The first scream came from the snowbound railwayman who felt the fangs ripping at his throat The next month there was a scream of ecstatic agony from the woman attacked in her snug bedroom br p br Now scenes of unbelieving horror come each time the full moon shines on the isolated Maine town of Tarker Mills No one knows who will be attacked next But one thing is sure br p p br When the moon grows fat a paralyzing fear sweeps through Tarker Mills For snarls that sound like human words can be heard whining through the wind And all around are the footprints of a monster whose hunger cannot be sated b Cycle of the Werewolf b p

The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle, #2)

The second installment in the all new series from the masterful NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Maggie Stiefvater br br Now that the ley lines around Cabeswater have been woken nothing for Ronan Gansey Blue and Adam will be the same Ronan for one is falling more and more deeply into his dreams and his dreams are intruding more and more into waking life Meanwhile some very sinister people are looking for some of the same pieces of the Cabeswater puzzle that Gansey is after

The Warded Man (Demon Cycle, #1)

As darkness falls after sunset the corelings rise demons who possess supernatural powers and burn with a consuming hatred of humanity For hundreds of years the demons have terrorized the night slowly culling the human herd that shelters behind magical wards symbols of power whose origins are lost in myth and whose protection is terrifyingly fragile It was not always this way Once men and women battled the corelings on equal terms but those days are gone Night by night the demons grow stronger while human numbers dwindle under their relentless assault Now with hope for the future fading three young survivors of vicious demon attacks will dare the impossible stepping beyond the crumbling safety of the wards to risk everything in a desperate quest to regain the secrets of the past Together they will stand against the night

The Raven King (The Raven Cycle, #4)

The fourth and final installment in the spellbinding series from the irrepressible New York Times bestselling author Maggie Stiefvater br br All her life Blue has been warned that she will cause her true love s death She doesn t believe in true love and never thought this would be a problem but as her life becomes caught up in the strange and sinister world of the Raven Boys she s not so sure anymore

The Farthest Shore (Earthsea Cycle, #3)

Book Three of Ursula K Le Guin s Earthsea CycleDarkness threatens to overtake Earthsea the world and its wizards are losing their magic Despite being wearied with age Ged Sparrowhawk Archmage wizard and dragonlord embarks on a daring treacherous journey accompanied by Enlad s young Prince Arren to discover the reasons behind this devastating pattern of loss Together they will sail to the farthest reaches of their world even beyond the realm of death as they seek to restore magic to a land desperately thirsty for it With millions of copies sold worldwide Ursula K Le Guin s Earthsea Cycle has earned a treasured place on the shelves of fantasy lovers everywhere alongside the works of such beloved authors as J R R Tolkien and C S Lewis

The Tombs of Atuan (Earthsea Cycle, #2)

i Librarian s Note For an alternate cover edition of the same ISBN click a href https www goodreads com book show the tombs of atuan rel nofollow here a i br br When young Tenar is chosen as high priestess to the ancient and nameless Powers of the Earth everything is taken away home family possessions even her name For she is now Arha the Eaten One guardian of the ominous Tombs of Atuan br br While she is learning her way through the dark labyrinth a young wizard Ged comes to steal the Tombs greatest hidden treasure the Ring of Erreth Akbe But Ged also brings with him the light of magic and together he and Tenar escape from the darkness that has become her domain

Vicious Cycle (Vicious Cycle, #1)

b i New York Times i bestselling author Katie Ashley revs up the danger and sexual tension in her brand new Vicious Cycle romance series b br br Deacon Malloy s life is dedicated to the Hell s Raiders motorcycle club Tough hard and fast with his fists he serves the group as sergeant at arms But his devil may care approach to life is thrown for a loop when the five year old daughter he never knew existed lands on the club steps br br Alexandra Evans is devoted to all her students but there s always been something about Willow Malloy that tugs at her heart There s an aura of sadness about her a girl in need of all the love Alexandra can give When Willow stops coming to school Alexandra s search leads to a clubhouse full of bikers and a father hell bent on keeping his daughter always within sight br br The moment Deacon sees Alexandra he has to have her in his bed and he s never met a woman yet who couldn t be persuaded No matter how attracted she is to Deacon Alexandra refuses to be just another conquest But it s Deacon himself who could be seduced into a brighter future for himself his daughter and the woman he s falling for against all odds

Quicksilver (The Baroque Cycle, #1)

i Quicksilver i is the story of Daniel Waterhouse fearless thinker and conflicted Puritan pursuing knowledge in the company of the greatest minds of Baroque era Europe in a chaotic world where reason wars with the bloody ambitions of the mighty and where catastrophe natural or otherwise can alter the political landscape overnight br br It is a chronicle of the breathtaking exploits of Half Cocked Jack Shaftoe London street urchin turned swashbuckling adventurer and legendary King of the Vagabonds risking life and limb for fortune and love while slowly maddening from the pox br br And it is the tale of Eliza rescued by Jack from a Turkish harem to become spy confidante and pawn of royals in order to reinvent Europe through the newborn power of finance br br A gloriously rich entertaining and endlessly inventive novel that brings a remarkable age and its momentous events to vivid life i Quicksilver i is an extraordinary achievement from one of the most original and important literary talents of our time br br This P S edition includes pages of supplementary materials br br Cover design by Richard L Aquan br Cover illustration from the Mary Evans Picture Library painting of Great Fire of London on stepback

The Desert Spear (Demon Cycle, #2)

The sun is setting on humanity The night now belongs to voracious demons that prey upon a dwindling population forced to cower behind half forgotten symbols of power br br Legends tell of a Deliverer a general who once bound all mankind into a single force that defeated the demons But is the return of the Deliverer just another myth Perhaps not br br Out of the desert rides Ahmann Jardir who has forged the desert tribes into a demon killing army He has proclaimed himself Shar Dama Ka the Deliverer and he carries ancient weapons a spear and a crown that give credence to his claim br br But the Northerners claim their own Deliverer the Warded Man a dark forbidding figure br br Once the Shar Dama Ka and the Warded Man were friends Now they are fierce adversaries Yet as old allegiances are tested and fresh alliances forged all are unaware of the appearance of a new breed of demon more intelligent and deadly than any that have come before

Blue Lily, Lily Blue (The Raven Cycle, #3)

The third installment in the all new series from the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Maggie Stiefvater br br Blue Sargent has found things For the first time in her life she has friends she can trust a group to which she can belong The Raven Boys have taken her in as one of their own Their problems have become hers and her problems have become theirs br br The trick with found things though is how easily they can be lost br br Friends can betray br Mothers can disappear br Visions can mislead br Certainties can unravel

Tehanu (Earthsea Cycle, #4)

Ursula K LeGuin follows her classic trilogy from Earthsea with a magical tale that won the Nebula Award for Science Fiction Unlike the tales in the trilogy this novel is short and concise yet it is by no means simplistic Promoted as a children s book because of the awards garnered in that category by her previous work b Tehanu b transcends classification and shows the wizardry of female magic The story involves a middle age widow who sets out to visit her dying mentor and eventually cares for his favorite student

The Confusion (The Baroque Cycle, #2)

In the year a cabal of Barbary galley slaves including one Jack Shaftoe aka King of the Vagabonds aka Half Cocked Jack devises a daring plan to win freedom and fortune A great adventure ensues a perilous race for an enormous prize of silver nay gold nay legendary gold br br In Europe the exquisite and resourceful Eliza Countess de la Zeur is stripped of her immense personal fortune by France s most dashing privateer Penniless and at risk from those who desire either her or her head or both she is caught up in a web of international intrigue even as she desperately seeks the return of her most precious possession br br Meanwhile Newton and Leibniz continue to propound their grand theories as their infamous rivalry intensifies stubborn alchemy does battle with the natural sciences dastardly plots are set in motion and Daniel Waterhouse seeks passage to the Massachusetts colony in hopes of escaping the madness into which his world has descended br br This P S edition features an extra pages of insights into the book including author interviews recommended reading and more

The Skull Throne (Demon Cycle, #4)

The first three novels in i New York Times i bestselling author Peter V Brett s groundbreaking Demon Cycle series i The Warded Man i i The Desert Spear i and i The Daylight War i set a new standard for heroic fantasy The powerful saga of humans winnowed to the brink of extinction by night stalking demons and the survivors who fight back has kept readers breathless as they eagerly turned the pages Now the thrilling fourth volume i The Skull Throne i raises the stakes as it carries the action in shocking new directions br br The Skull Throne of Krasia stands empty br br Built from the skulls of fallen generals and demon princes it is a seat of honor and ancient powerful magic keeping the demon corelings at bay From atop the throne Ahmann Jardir was meant to conquer the known world forging its isolated peoples into a unified army to rise up and end the demon war once and for all br br But Arlen Bales the Warded Man stood against this course challenging Jardir to a duel he could not in honor refuse Rather than risk defeat Arlen cast them both from a precipice leaving the world without a savior and opening a struggle for succession that threatens to tear the Free Cities of Thesa apart br br In the south Inevera Jardir s first wife must find a way to keep their sons from killing each other and plunging their people into civil war as they strive for glory enough to make a claim on the throne br br In the north Leesha Paper and Rojer Inn struggle to forge an alliance between the duchies of Angiers and Miln against the Krasians before it is too late br br Caught in the crossfire is the duchy of Lakton rich and unprotected ripe for conquest br br All the while the corelings have been growing stronger and without Arlen and Jardir there may be none strong enough to stop them Only Renna Bales may know more about the fate of the missing men but she too has disappeared

Homecoming (Tillerman Cycle, #1)

i It s still true i br br That s the first thing James Tillerman says to his sister Dicey every morning It s still true that their mother has abandoned the four Tillerman children somewhere in the middle of Connecticut It s still true they have to find their way somehow to Great aunt Cilla s house in Bridgeport which may be their only hope of staying together as a family br br But when they get to Bridgeport they learn that Great aunt Cilla has died and the home they find with her daughter Eunice isn t the permanent haven they ve been searching for So their journey continues to its unexpected conclusion and some surprising discoveries about their history and their future

Taliesin (The Pendragon Cycle, #1)

It was a time of legend when the last shadows of the mighty Roman conqueror faded from the captured Isle of Britain While across a vast sea bloody war shattered a peace that had flourished for two thousand years in the doomed kingdom of Atlantis br br em Taliesin em is the remarkable adventure of Charis the Atlantean princess who escaped the terrible devastation of her homeland and of the fabled seer and druid prince Taliesin singer at the dawn of the age It is the story of an incomparable love that joined two worlds amid the fires of chaos and spawned the miracles of Merlin and Arthur the king

Fences (The Century Cycle #6)

Soon to be a Major Motion Picture directed by Denzel Washington and starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis br Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for Best Play br br From August Wilson author of i The Piano Lesson i and the Broadway season s best play i Ma Rainey s Black Bottom i is another powerful stunning dramatic work that has won him numerous critical acclaim including the Tony Award for Best Play and the Pulitzer Prize The protagonist of i Fences i part of Wilson s ten part Pittsburgh Cycle plays Troy Maxson is a strong man a hard man He has had to be to survive Troy Maxson has gone through life in an America where to be proud and black is to face pressures that could crush a man body and soul But the s are yielding to the new spirit of liberation in the s a spirit that is changing the world Troy Maxson has learned to deal with the only way he can a spirit that is making him a stranger angry and afraid in a world he never knew and to a wife and son he understands less and less

The Core (The Demon Cycle, #5)

For time out of mind bloodthirsty demons have stalked the night culling the human race to scattered remnants dependent on half forgotten magics to protect them Then two heroes arose men as close as brothers yet divided by bitter betrayal Arlen Bales became known as the Warded Man tattooed head to toe with powerful magic symbols that enable him to fight demons in hand to hand combat and emerge victorious Jardir armed with magically warded weapons called himself the Deliverer a figure prophesied to unite humanity and lead them to triumph in Sharak Ka the final war against demonkind br br But in their efforts to bring the war to the demons Arlen and Jardir have set something in motion that may prove the end of everything they hold dear a Swarm Now the war is at hand and humanity cannot hope to win it unless Arlen and Jardir with the help of Arlen s wife Renna can bend a captured demon prince to their will and force the devious creature to lead them to the Core where the Mother of Demons breeds an inexhaustible army br br Trusting their closest confidantes Leesha Inevera Ragen and Elissa to rally the fractious people of the Free Cities and lead them against the Swarm Arlen Renna and Jardir set out on a desperate quest into the darkest depths of evil from which none of them expects to return alive

The Keep (Adversary Cycle, #1)

Something is murdering my men br br Thus reads the message received from a Nazi commander stationed in a small castle high in the remote Transylvanian Alps And when an elite SS extermination squad is dispatched to solve the problem the men find a something that s both powerful and terrifying Invisible and silent the enemy selects one victim per night leaving the bloodless and mutilated corpses behind to terrify its future victims br br Panicked the Nazis bring in a local expert on folklore who just happens to be Jewish to shed some light on the mysterious happenings And unbeknownst to anyone there is another visitor on his way a man who awoke from a nightmare and immediately set out to meet his destiny br br The battle has begun On one side the ultimate evil created by man and on the other the unthinkable unstoppable unknowing terror that man has inevitably awakened

The System of the World (The Baroque Cycle, #3)

i The System of the World i the third and concluding volume of Neal Stephenson s shelf bending Baroque Cycle i Quicksilver i and i The Confusion i brings the epic historical saga to its thrilling and truly awe inspiring conclusion br br Set in the early th century and featuring a diverse cast of characters that includes alchemists philosophers mathematicians spies thieves pirates and royalty i The System of the World i follows Daniel Waterhouse an unassuming philosopher and confidant to some of the most brilliant minds of the age as he returns to England to try and repair the rift between geniuses Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz After reluctantly leaving his family in Boston Waterhouse arrives in England and is almost killed by a mysterious Infernal Device Having been away from the war decimated country for two decades Waterhouse quickly learns that although many things have changed there is still violent revolution simmering just beneath the surface of seemingly civilized society With Queen Anne deathly ill and Tories and Whigs jostling for political supremacy Waterhouse and Newton vow to figure out who is trying to kill certain scientists and decipher the riddle behind the legend of King Solomon s gold a mythical hoard of precious metal with miraculous properties br br Arguably one of the most ambitious and most researched stories ever written Stephenson s Baroque Cycle is set in one of the most turbulent and exciting times in human history Filled with wild adventure political intrigue social upheaval civilization changing discoveries cabalistic mysticism and even a little romance this massive saga is worth its weight in Solomon s gold br i Paul Goat Allen i

The Other Wind (Earthsea Cycle, #6)

The greatest fantasies of the th century are J R R Tolkien s i Lord of the Rings i and Ursula K Le Guin s Earthsea Cycle Regrettably the Earthsea Cycle has not received the fame and sales of Tolkien s trilogy Fortunately new Earthsea books have appeared in the st century and they are as powerful beautiful and imaginative as the first four novels The fifth novel and sixth book of the Earthsea Cycle is i The Other Wind i p The sorcerer Alder has the power of mending but it may have become the power of destruction every night he dreams of the wall between the land of the living and the land of the dead and the wall is being dismantled If the wall is breached the dead will invade Earthsea Ged once Archmage of Earthsea sends Alder to King Lebannen Now Alder and the king must join with a burned woman a wizard of forbidden lore and a being who is woman and dragon both in an impossible quest to save Earthsea p p Ursula K Le Guin has received the National Book Award five Nebula and five Hugo Awards and the Newbery Award among many other honors i The Other Wind i lives up to expectations for one of the greatest fantasy cycles i Cynthia Ward i p

Dicey's Song (Tillerman Cycle, #2)

Now that the four abandoned Tillerman children are settled in with their grandmother Dicey finds that their new beginnings require love trust humor and courage

Dragon Wing (The Death Gate Cycle, #1)

Preeminent storytellers Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman have redefined epic fantasy Since the publication of their i Dragonlance i series millions of readers have enjoyed their imaginative world building rich characterization and intricate storylines Now these best selling authors bring their talents to one of the most innovative fantasy creations ever in i Dragon Wing i the first volume in i The Death Gate Cycle i br br An assassin and the royal child he has been hired to kill form an unlikely and unstable alliance as the plots of human sorcerers elven pirates and dwarf revolutionaries threaten to overwhelm the airborne kingdoms of Arianus

Merlin (The Pendragon Cycle, #2)

An enchanting tale of love and loss glory and grandeur set in the twilight of Rome s power where the Celtic chieftains of Britain battle to save their land from an onrushing darkness In this modern classic Stephen Lawhead presents a majestic retelling of Western literature s most compelling epic Merlin His golden eyes saw the shape of a world yet to be His wisdom would light the path of the coming King Born of a union between druid and faery he was trained as a bard and schooled in the ways of battle But his heart and calling were greater than a warrior s Son of the great Taliesin the song of his father coursed through his soul Yet his life and mission were to be his own And though sovereignty was his he would lay it aside to serve a king of his own choosing As his powers transcended those of mortal men so too would his trials his griefs and the dark might of his most fearsome enemy In the twilight of Tome s rule over the Island of the Mighty as smaller men vied for ascendancy his would be the hand to lay the foundations of a new order the Kingdom of Summer and Arthur Pendragon of Britain Merlin is book two in the Pendragon Cycle